Gear and equipment needed for autocross and track day events

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Whether you are starting SCCA autocross Compete for days or points NASA Track Weekend, The basics are the same. Have fun and bring the right tools. These rules apply from cute cars like Miatas to serious machines like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Champion. Roman Dumas Electric Volkswagen IDR.. Sunscreen, a cooler, and proper hydration are all very important to prevent the curse of the concourse, but it’s also good to have the right tools and safety equipment. Some of them are less noticeable and may need to be ordered in advance.

The following products are the ones we used on Truck Day. These are displayed here to help you determine the equipment that suits your needs. This isn’t a complete shopping list, but it’s enough to make the cones have a rubber mustache and suppress it as well. There are 12 products that we recommend investing before the next high turn weekend.

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  • Stronger than Nyquill.
  • Don’t blow it away.
  • The last work mat you need.
  • heavy.
  • The larger the mat, the higher the price.

Lying under a car is rarely comfortable. So if you need a wrench on pavement, gravel, or soil, this high-strength tarp from Pitmat is an underrated kit. It creates a welcoming barrier between the greasy crap that’s already on the ground and the turmoil you’re trying to make under your car. All pit mats are shipped from Colorado and are strong enough to hold the floor jack and jack stand without tearing. The weight of these mats also eliminates the need for traps, tools, or coolers as anchors. Our 10×10 pit mat didn’t move an inch on a windy autocross weekend.

  • lightweight.
  • Easy to set up and save.
  • High quality carrying case.
  • There is no cup holder.
  • I’m not that tall.
  • The maximum load capacity of 300 pounds seems optimistic.

These compact CLIQ chairs solve the biggest problem when bringing a large and bulky folding chair to an event. When folded, these sheets are approximately the size of a lava lamp. Offering convenient parking for most sizes of rear bumpers, these CLIQs are great for camping and barbecue, but are especially helpful in saving trunk space while packing trucks on weekends. They are easy to set up, easy to carry, and come with a convenient storage bag to keep dirt, sand, or wheel bearing grease away from the Kabooth.

Milton 507KIT Digital Tire Inflator

  • Deflation function.
  • Affordable.
  • Illuminated digital gauge.
  • A slightly cheap trigger.

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for every truck day, but did you know that not all gauges are made the same? This Milton tire inflator also features a convenient pressure release button, an accurate illuminated digital display and a flexible rubber hose that reaches even the most shy valve stems. By hooking this on the air hose, you can quickly adjust the tire pressure. It is also reasonably priced for a tool with a 3-year warranty.

Steelman 5-piece sleeve socket set

  • Can be used safely with fancy wheels.
  • Easy-to-read color-coded size.
  • Only one socket is required for this 5-piece set.

The real mechanic will tell you to always use sockets designed for pneumatic tools, not chrome ones. However, these stronger sockets often have thick walls and can scratch or scrape the wheel material around the lug nuts. These Steelman sleeve sockets use a removable polyethylene casing designed to bear the brunt of any contact the socket may make with the OE or aftermarket wheel. The powder-coated multi-color base makes it easy to distinguish between 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm, 13/16 inch, and 3/4 inch sizes. The plastic toolbox prevents these tools from rolling into oblivion, and eventually a large number of sockets disappear.

CamcoAccuPark parking mat

  • Designed to drive over.
  • The bright colors make it easy to find.
  • Ideal for home and truck use.
  • You can easily make MacGyver a free alternative.
  • Glue is not ideal for temporary truck use.

This Camco AccuPark mat is designed to stick to the floor to help remove guesswork from the parking lot in the garage. A subtle alternative to the classic hanging tennis ball, this mat is designed to drive a car, but is high enough to prevent the car from rolling off. While wooden blocks are an inexpensive solution, this mat can prevent truck cars from rolling in the paddock like fraudulent self-driving cars. With this affordable parking mat, you can safely check the tire pressure and keep your car running without worrying about setting the handbrake to a hot brake.

Truck Armor Racing Head Socks Balaclava

  • worth it.
  • comfortable.
  • Fits most head sizes.
  • It does not meet the fire resistance rating required by some motorsports.

On a sweaty truck day, even the lightest and most expensive helmets can smell like a foul-smelling bucket. To prevent that, we recommend these medium-priced truck armor head socks. Made of breathable fabric, these reusable balaclavas act as a barrier between the sweaty head and the protective foam in the racing helmet. The size is universal and if it could be on my huge Midwestern melon, it should be big enough for other head shapes. We recommend that you purchase these in pairs. This is because it is always convenient to have a spare, which can be useful if you are generous enough to get someone else to borrow your helmet.

Stilo ST5 GT Composite Racing Helmet

  • lightweight.
  • Supports optional communication and hydration systems.
  • Easy-to-open visor.
  • Probably overkill for using autocross.

Snell or FIA certified helmets are also required for the most basic level of competitive driving and are a very important investment. The Stilo ST5 GT Composite Lid is made of a mixture of Kevlar and carbon fiber, offering the benefits of a strong lightweight material in a package that costs less than other full carbon options. We like this helmet because it can be easily configured to adapt to communication, cooling, or hydration systems, and the rubber knobs used to open the visor have a thoughtful design. The unit also has a number of intake and exhaust ports to keep fresh air flowing. I was able to comfortably wear prescription eyeglasses while using this helmet, but for maximum comfort it is recommended to increase the size by 1.0-2.0 cm.

Simpson Racing Hybrid Sport

  • Safety within budget.
  • Lifesaving.
  • No racing harness seat belts are required.

The helmet restraint system has revolutionized the safety of motorsport by using the driver’s helmet and shoulders to prevent fatal neck movements in the event of a collision. This Simpson Racing Hybrid Sport Neck Restraint is affordable compared to alternative units and is strapped to the helmet and chest so you don’t have to remove it before you get out of the car. If you are interested in HANS devices and hybrid safety systems, Injury prevention with these neck-saving units..

Gearwrench flex head electronic torque wrench

  • Maximum torque rating of 250 ft.
  • A head with a useful angle.
  • $ 250 instead of the $ 600 snap-on product.
  • Batteries are sold separately.
  • Finicky torque value adjustment.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Frequent installation and removal of track wheels and tires is a good reason to invest in a reliable torque wrench. The 1/2 inch drive Gearwrench torque wrench has a digital display that can handle torque requirements of 25 to 250 ft-pounds. The wrench beeps, vibrates and reads the current torque value. It turned out to be a bit funky to change the desired torque value, in that the jumps at intervals were too slow at first and the jumps were too fast after a few seconds. That said, if you’re using it on a single car truck, you don’t need to change the value often. It’s a much cheaper alternative to more expensive products, but with a one-year limited warranty that’s inferior to what you get with more expensive snap-on tools.

Crescent 3-piece metric flare nut wrench set

  • The compact size is ideal for tight spaces.
  • Easy-care chrome finish.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Use these Crescent Flare Nut Wrenches to avoid the pain and humiliation of breaking bleeder valves or brake lines. These combination wrenches fit sizes from 9 to 14 mm and are approximately 6 inches long, making them compact and easy to swing. The 6-point hexagon fits perfectly around the brake fitting and prevents damage to even the most stubborn hardware. Made of chrome vanadium steel, or the same ones most sockets are made of, these wrench sets are supported with a lifetime warranty. However, since it is not sold with the carrying case, most people expect to lose one before breaking the carrying case.

Motivational Product Power Brake Breeder Kit

  • Otherwise it simplifies the work of the two.
  • Includes all required tubes, fittings, and adapters.
  • Easy to clean.

Motive Products Power Bleeder is the perfect tool for this task. This 2-quart bucket has enough capacity for a full system flash and can be specially ordered for vehicles in Europe, Asia, Chrysler, GM and even Tesla. Power bleeders simplify the work normally required by two people, and it is almost impossible to accidentally empty the brake master cylinder reservoir when using one of these. We found that Motive Products Power Bleeder makes bleeding braking quick and easy. And with the company’s numerous adapters, even those with different car collections need only one tank. Comes with easy-to-understand instructions, including proper cleaning techniques and how to prevent the engine bay from showering with brake fluid.It is also recommended to pick up Liquid bottle To catch old liquid.

Bosch Freak 18V Impact Driver Kit

  • Impact driver with integrated bit driver.
  • A convenient LED light comes on from under the driver.
  • Great power, small package.

The Bosch Freak 18 Volt 1/2 inch Impact Driver is another compact tool with great benefits. Freak uses a 4.0Ah (amp-hour) battery, which provides sufficient power for longer and cheaper electrical shocks, such as when using a 2.0Ah battery. With a maximum torque of 150 ft-pounds, lug nuts and other car tips can be easily removed. The freak weighs about 4 pounds with the battery attached and is light enough to loop around the toolbelt if you want to unleash the power of Thor on the go. This 1/2 inch impact driver has a 1/4 inch bit holder inside and is compatible with bit drivers. Variable speed triggers help control the amount of torque transmitted. If you want to get rid of something, the LED lights on the base of the drill will help you to admire the handiwork and lack of handiwork. I like Freak because it’s compact, half the weight of any other electric screwdriver, and has enough torque and battery life to replace wheels on weekend trucks multiple times. However, when I first charged the battery, I thought something in the kitchen was burning. Please pay attention to the scent after unpacking.

  • The carrying case has wheels.
  • The setup procedure is sewn on the case.
  • Comes with a fillable bag for anchors.
  • It is almost impossible to set up by yourself.
  • The carrying case is a bit too spatially accurate.

Do not underestimate the value of the shade in the scorching paddock. Therefore, you need such a canopy shelter from ABC Nanopy. This waterproof polyester tent covers 100 square feet and can be adjusted in height as needed. If you’re missing extra wheels and tires, this tent can be the biggest part of the kit. When stored, the canopy is approximately 50 inches long and weighs over 40 pounds. Thankfully, its wheeled carrying case makes it pretty easy to move. I also liked the fact that the instructions were sewn on the case instead of being printed on the paper that would always go missing. It also comes with four bags to help you pack and secure sand, soil, tools, or car parts. It was almost impossible to set up with one person, but the setup with two people was completed in a few minutes. These canopies come in nine different colors and are 6.6 x 6.6 feet, 8.0 x 8.0 feet, or 10.0 x 10.0 feet in size.

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Gear and equipment needed for autocross and track day events

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