Gendarmerie trains in Arizona for potential civil unrest – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2020-10-20 01:03:52 –

The new video shows that the gendarmerie is training in Arizona prior to potential deployment if activated due to civil unrest before the election, but it is unclear if the soldiers will be armed. is.

A video posted on the public site on Monday shows that soldiers trained in the 850th Gendarmerie Battalion earlier this month will load an aircraft as part of their preparatory training if activated for some event. ..

However, I know that Arizona and Alabama are two states that are preparing to rejuvenate their units with 300 civilian soldiers in the event of civil unrest as part of a federal response force. We know.

The two response teams are for geographical reasons. Arizona corresponds to the west and Alabama corresponds to the east. Governor Doug Ducey plays an important role in revitalizing these teams, as soldier requests come directly to Ducey from the governor of another state on the west coast.

ABC15 contacted the Governor’s Office for an interview about the role of the guards, but we were only given a reply by email.

An Arizona National Guard spokesperson told ABC15 that it was not possible to guess where the request would be made or where the unit would be deployed.

Regarding training, ABC 15 asked if the troops were training for potential civil unrest after the election.

In the statement, the spokesperson wrote: “Civil soldiers of the 850th Gendarmerie Battalion receive annual civil sabotage training focused on peaceful and non-lethal escalation techniques, tactics, and procedures. Training is the basis of everything that state soldiers do. Focused all year round to increase capacity and efficiency to meet the needs of the community. “

ABC15 also asked if service members would be armed, stating that “the role assigned to service members during this response determines their attitude.”

As far as the roles provided by the unit are concerned, missions include, but are limited to, point / area security, traffic control point staffing, walking traffic guidance, security provision, and emergency personnel / equipment escorts. It will not be.

Professor Bradden Allenby said he teaches at Arizona State University on national security, military, warfare, and emergency technology and believes that these units will be armed.

ABC15 asked Allenby if he should expect to see the military on election day or if it would be activated only for violence. “I think they’re probably not involved in either. If you have a problem with violence and you need people patrolling around the polling place, it’s by the local government. It will be done, “he said.

Allenby said early voting may help minimize the threat of violence on election days.

“If the entire election is shortened to 24 hours at a particular polling place, the chances of violence are very high, but if many people are already voting, the election day is no longer a flash point and is actually That could be the case, which is one of the lessons of this election, “says Alleby.

A spokesperson for Governor Ducey said in a statement that Arizona is ready to assist other states if requested through the Emergency Management Agency Compact (EMAC). There is a request from another state, similar to the assistance Arizona provided to Wisconsin at the request of the Governor of Wisconsin last month. “

The Governor’s Office further stated that the police battalion unit was independently trained and suitable for responding to national civil wars to assist local law enforcement agencies.

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