Gender Gap for Vaccination: Women receive higher proportions of injections than men

Holly Elgison and Len Schillaci are a mixed vaxxed couple and they are not alone.

“I always intended to be 100% vaccinated,” said Eldison, a medical claims auditor in Valrico, Florida.

Her husband, a disaster insurance assessor, said he would pass. “To be honest with you, I think Covid’s worst is behind us,” Schillaci said. “I’m good.”

The Biden administration is trying to vaccinate 80% of adult Americans by the summer, so continuing to hate men being shot can hinder that goal.

The gap between men and women is about the same in the country’s population, but women are vaccinated at a much higher rate (about 10 percentage points) than men.This tendency is especially true for many Vaccination rate has dropped A little recently.

There are many reasons for the Gender Gap in the United States, including the role of women in specific occupations that received early priority for vaccines, political and cultural differences, and the long-standing pattern of women who generally accept preventive care over men. It reflects.

Even if Covid-19 deaths are about 2.4 times higher worldwide, there is a gap taller than Men are better than women. And this department unravels the reality of women’s disproportionate role in caring for others in American society.

Alison Buttenheim, an associate professor of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and a vaccine repellent expert, said: “Most professionals are worried about the big gaps between races, political parties, religions, and occupational groups, but many overlap with gender disparities.” I’ve heard about specific initiatives targeting men. there is not.”

In Los Angeles County, where 44% of women over the age of 16 took their first shot (compared to 30% of men), authorities are struggling to find a way to do just that.

“We are very concerned about it and plan to undertake some targeted outreach among men,” said Dr. Paul Simon, chief scientific officer at the Los Angeles County Public Health Department. I am doing it. ” Black and Latino men. According to the latest data available earlier this month, only 19% of black men and 17% of Latin men in Los Angeles County are at least once compared to 35% of Asian men and 32% of white men. Have been vaccinated. ..

“We don’t fully understand that,” said Dr. Simon. “One of our message strategies is that vaccines are not only important to you, but also a means of protecting others in your family.”

The initial division of vaccination rates by gender can be explained primarily by demographics. Americans over 70 got the first dose set, and women Larger percentage Of that age group. In many states, healthcare professionals and school teachers have also been given vaccine priorities. Three-quarters of Over 75% of US full-time healthcare professionals and public school teachers I’m a woman..

Inequality indicates where women live both paid and unpaid lives. For example, women lost most of their early jobs in the food service industry, retail, health care, and government jobs. The mother in it Transition to remote school Take care of parents and sick relatives.

This combination may have motivated the vaccine in two ways. They are trying to protect the rest of their families and are anxious to return to the workforce.Indeed, women are leading the economy, just as they caused unemployment last year. recovery Now; in March, about 500,000 women joined the workforce. This is partly due to the resumption of face-to-face school education in most parts of the country.

Pilar Gonarons Ponce, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and a specialist in gender issues, said: “In addition to women being disproportionately represented in some important jobs, women are unpaid care for the elderly. Represented disproportionately as a person. Family and community, and this can also be an additional motivation for obtaining a vaccine. “

In many respects, vaccine patterns reflect long-standing gender differences when it comes to preventive medicine.Women on average More likely Even with adjustments to existing health conditions and other factors, men are more likely to have an annual health check and are more likely to receive preventive care than men.

Men are more likely than women to behave in a way that is harmful to their health, such as heavy drinking, smoking, and the use of illegal drugs, and they are overweight compared to women.Men Unlikely According to federal data, you will see a doctor on a regular basis, go to the emergency room in a crisis situation, and get basic dental care. Vaccines are no exception.Historically, there are many flu shots taller than Among women (about 63% compared to 53%), the gap between Americans has narrowed for over 75 years.

The coronavirus vaccine is “the latest expression of the proven gender gap we have long witnessed in the pattern of seeking preventive medicine,” said Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business Health Policy Researcher and Clinical Professor. One Lindsey Reininger said.

However, experts say that even in the context of general male health care difficulties, there may be some factors specific to this vaccine that prevent more male shots in the arm. say. Men may not have the patience to navigate systems that are primarily online, as signing up is cumbersome and confusing. This process can be easy to feel as women tend to get more health care information online.

“We need to figure out if the inequality is about access and if it’s more difficult for men to navigate the booking system,” said Simon of Los Angeles.

In addition, other dynamics may be working for the pervasive misinformation, evolving medical advice, and the coronavirus that is the subject of politics.

“Some men have the feeling that they are not always vulnerable,” Simon told officials. “They have weathered this for over a year and feel totipotent.”

Public health and academic experts have long been interested in the “macho” effect that prevents men from receiving all kinds of medical care and fear that this vaccine can exacerbate it. (Especially in the Marine Corps, the military’s most male service, about 40 percent of people vaccinated by the Pentagon I turned it down.)

“This avoidance is associated with the masculinity ideal of men being strong, invincible, and unsolicited,” said Kristen W. Springer, an associate professor of sociology at Rutgers University in New Jersey. the study About this characteristic.

“In other words, these cultural ideals guide men to avoid health care that is important for masculine behavior,” she said. “It will be interesting to observe the differences between men and women in vaccination as the vaccine is now available to everyone, because these are gender and gender, such as cultural ideas that” real men “do not. It is likely to reflect social and cultural ideas about health. No preventive medicine is needed. “

At this stage, US health authorities have not released data on non-binary adults and vaccination.

There may also be political ties.Women are much more likely to register than men Democratic Party, And polls by Republicans across the country Much less likely Accept vaccines rather than Democrats.

So who do men listen to? It doesn’t seem to be their wife or female friend or doctor.For them Recent preprint researchLeah Witas and Eric Larson, professors at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, watched a video of men and women with the same information about vaccines. Of the 1,184 Americans who saw them, most were influenced by male narrators, but female narrators responded much more complexly.

“The male narrated version of the video has boosted viewers’ vaccination intent,” Witus said. “But female narration has a mixed association with vaccination trends, and for some viewers, those identified as conservative actually reduced their vaccination intent.”

This may mean Schillaci’s victory as he and his wife play a subtle joust to influence the vaccination decision for their 20-year-old son. Schillaci shares his opinion with his son, whose wife recommends taking pictures.

“I’d rather have him shot, and I hope he takes that into account,” Eldison said.

But even if he decides to oppose the vaccine, Eldison’s own decision may benefit her son.

As is often the case in life, men may find that women fill the gap. “To the extent that most people live and socialize in a mixed gender environment,” men will benefit from higher coverage among women, “Buttenheim said.

But Eldison still has a trump card that he thinks will work. “I want my son to get it so that we can all travel together,” she said. “I explained to him that we could be able to protect his dad.”

Gender Gap for Vaccination: Women receive higher proportions of injections than men

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