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Minneapolis (AP) —Four Former Minneapolis Police Officers Indicted for Violations George Floyd’s Civil Rights A trial will be held in federal court on Tuesday and may be able to respond to pre-trial allegations.

Federal grand jury indicted Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J. Quen, Tu Sao, 46-year-old Floyd was detained face down, handcuffed, and detained for depriving Floyd of his rights while acting under government authorities on May 25, 2020. It is said that he did not resist. It was captured in a bystander video.His death Global protest Call for police changes.

In a federal prosecution hearing, the defendant can have them read the accusation and usually does not enter a plea of ​​guilty. Both parties were to attend a video conference at a hearing on Tuesday.

Former executive prosecutors and lawyers may also file some motions on Tuesday.

In it, Quen and Sao asked to separate their federal trial from Chauvin’s, saying that if they went to trial with him, they would have unfair prejudice. Begged. Lane asked to participate in the request, which was opposed by the prosecutor. According to court documents, both sides agreed that the request was premature and asked to set it aside until more information was developed, so whether the issue would arise at the hearing on Tuesday. Was not immediately clear.

The federal indictment alleges that Shovin violated Floyd’s right to be released from unjustified seizures and unjustified forces by police officers. Sao and Quen have been charged with violating Floyd’s right to be free from injustice attacks because he did not intervene to stop Chauvin when he knelt on Floyd’s neck. All four officers have been charged with depriving Floyd of his rights when he did not provide medical care to Floyd.

During Floyd’s arrest, Chauvin fixed him to the ground, and he repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe. Quen and Lane helped detain Floyd. According to state court evidence, Quen knelt on Floyd’s back and Lane grabbed Floyd’s leg. Sao suppressed the bystanders and prevented them from intervening during the nine and a half minutes of detention.

Four police officers were also indicted in state court, and Chauvin’s trial was eventually separated from other trials due to space restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chauvin was convicted of murder and manslaughter in April He was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. Three other former officers are facing state trials for numbers of aid and bets in March next year.

Chauvin was also charged with another federal indictment in 2017 for violating the civil rights of a 14-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, the federal government Investigation of police activity in Minneapolis.. An investigation known as a “pattern or practice” -searching for unconstitutional or illegal police patterns or practices-includes a thorough review of the entire police station. It can make a big difference to the Minnesota City police.

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