Georgia counties are at a “good pace” to complete audits by the deadline, state election officials say

Georgia counties are moving at a pace to finish the votes cast in the presidential election by the state’s impending deadline. This was said Wednesday by President Joe Biden’s lead in the election, President Donald Trump, Gabriel Sterling, and the state’s voting system implementation manager.

Sterling explained to reporters about the status of the audit ordered by Secretary of State Brad Rafence last week due to the narrow voting margin between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. The county’s deadline for completing audits is 11:59 pm on Wednesday, prior to the state’s certification Friday deadline.

The manual recount of nearly 5 million votes was due to audits required by the new state law and did not address suspicious issues regarding state results or official recount requests. The law requires that county accreditation results be audited before they are accredited by the state.

Sterling said the county was “at a good pace” to complete the audit in time, and on Twitter the electoral authorities targeted by Mr. Trump’s anger “are enthusiastic about the law.” did. To date, more than 4.9 million votes have been manually audited, leaving “tens of thousands”, he said.

“We will continue to uphold the law and uphold our process,” Sterling said, adding that it was “frustrating” to hear the president’s criticism of the state’s recount.

The system “is working as intended,” he said.

Mr. Trump continued to argue without evidence that illegal votes were counted in the presidential election and declared Georgia’s recount as a “fraud.”

“It’s a bit ironic because we actually got the vote from this process,” Sterling said when asked to respond to the president’s tweet claiming that the vote was fraudulent.

The audit “does the job,” he said.

“We know that, like all races in American history and human history, there are people who shouldn’t vote,” Sterling said. “I know they’re there, but there’s not enough evidence to say they’ve reached the level of around 13,000.”

State election officials have repeatedly stated that the state’s new election machine is to ensure that votes are accurately aggregated and that it is not expected to change the overall outcome.

In the count, Democrat Joe Biden led Republican President Donald Trump by about 14,000 votes. Sterling, who oversaw the implementation of the state’s new voting system for the Secretary of State, said the margin would be reduced to about 13,000 if previously uncounted votes were found in the two counties during hand counting. It was.

Losing campaigns can request recounting if the margin between candidates remains within 0.5% after the results have been proven. This is done using a scanner that reads and aggregates votes and is paid by the state, Lafence Purger said.

Georgia counties are at a “good pace” to complete audits by the deadline, state election officials say

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