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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-05-01 12:11:20 –

Carol Kelly, on the left, received an injection of the Modana variant vaccine from Mary Bauer, a registered nurse, at the Hope Clinic at Emory University on Wednesday afternoon, March 31, 2021 in Decatur, Georgia. Kelly was the first person to receive an injection in this new clinical trial. (AP photo / Ben Gray)

The Governor of Georgia said the state’s efforts to manage COVID-19 have been successful, despite delayed vaccination rates and federal authorities continuing to warn that infection rates remain relatively high. Removes many remaining requirements for social distance and masked employees from the enterprise.

Republican offices released while Governor Brian Kemp traveled to the Mexican border in Texas on Friday New executive order It will take effect on Saturday and will run until May 30th.

Mallory Bronde, a Kemp spokesman, said: .. “Georgians know best how to protect themselves and their families and deserve to be able to return to normal.”

However, public health experts are afraid of another surge, probably caused by more infectious variants of the virus.

“Too early” Emory University Infectious disease expert Carlos del Rio Written on twitter, Refers to federal statistics. “We still have a’substantial infection’and a low percentage of the fully vaccinated population. “

Georgia has been vaccinated more than 6 million times, and the state ranks 44th in the dose of vaccine per person over the age of 18.

Georgia is ranked as the worst 10 newly reported deaths per person and the worst 10 hospitalized COVID-19 patients per person. In mid-April, shortly after Easter, the number of student-based school clusters increased significantly. I got their spring break. One Augusta Elementary School sent all direct students home for a week on Friday because of the high COVID-19 infection rate.

According to Kemp, social distance is currently only “strongly encouraged” and not required.

Georgia did not have state-wide mask mandates, but Kemp finally allowed local governments to impose them when infection rates were high. However, Kemp imposed mask obligations on many companies. With the exception of the healthcare department, he lifted those obligations on Friday. For example, tattoo artists no longer need to wear masks from Saturday.

But even the much more cautious state leaders are doing the same, so Kemp isn’t alone in relaxing restrictions.

Among other notable changes to Georgian rules, restaurants no longer need to distance tables or mask employees. They can also serve standing patrons. Kemp had previously cut the required distance between the tables From 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 3.5 feet (1.1 meters).

Cinemas no longer have to force seating distances between unrelated customers from 3 feet (0.9 meters) to the previous 6 feet.

The gym needs to use contactless check-in, provide wipes, enforce social distance, require 6 feet among people in the fitness class, and encourage the use of face covers. Is gone.

After previously removing the 50-person rally limit when people were closer than 6 feet, Kemp removed many of the remaining requirements for live performance venues and conventions. Convention workers no longer need to wear masks. They no longer screen tournament participants, require pre-registration, enforce social distances by transportation, stagger attendance times, set up one-way walkways, and more for various events. There is no need to isolate participants.

The move took place a few days after the Atlanta United Soccer Team and the Atlanta Braves Baseball Team announced that the venue would be back in full operation next month. On Friday, the Atlanta Motor Speedway announced that patrons will be able to fill the stands at the NASCAR race in July.

Eight state-owned mass vaccination sites in Georgia will be closed on May 21, following what authorities have called a “significant decline in demand.” As of Monday, the site will stop the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Instead, we offer a second dose of Pfizer and a single dose vaccine of Johnson & Johnson. They allow everyone to drive without a reservation.

Kemp had previously expanded the state of emergency that gave him extraordinary legal powers until May 30th.

Democrats have been critical of Kemp’s approach, which aims to balance public health and the economy. On Friday, Democratic spokesman Maggie Chambers said it was the wrong time to loosen further.

“Brian Kemp has failed Georgia at every stage of this pandemic, and now he has even put an end to even the bare minimum limits to keep Georgians safe,” she said in a statement. It was. “In 2022, Georgia voters will remember that he put politics on their health and security over and over again.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp lifts many COVID-19 rules on businesses Source link Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp lifts many COVID-19 rules on businesses

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