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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-28 15:51:00 –

Atlanta (AP) — Georgia Governor said Thursday that he would spend up to $ 110 million to help state courts recover from the slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Brian Kemp said in a news release that grants to courts and related agencies came from $ 4.8 billion in funding received by the state under the U.S. Rescue Planning Act to address the negative economic consequences of a pandemic. Said to be. The governor said the focus would be on ensuring the prosecution of serious violent crimes.

“No one can benefit if justice is delayed,” Kemp said in a release. “My administration worked with leaders in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to crack down on violent crimes in high-demand areas, ensure that courts were running efficiently, and were triggered by a pandemic. We have identified an innovative solution that will help you quickly reduce the unprocessed proceedings. “

The state-wide judicial emergency order came into effect from March 2020 to June 2021. This severely restricted the court’s work to protect the health of those working or doing business in the state courthouse, resulting in significant untreated portion of both criminals and citizens. .. Case. Even if the emergency order is lifted, court operations continue to be reduced to address public health protection.

“Most of the state’s agencies and businesses have slowed or stopped during the COVID pandemic,” said David Nahmias, Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, who also chairs the Georgia Judiciary Council, in a release from the High Court.

“Meals not served by the restaurant are never served and canceled airline flights are not rescheduled. However, the proceedings that could not be decided, especially if the jury trial was not conducted safely, It remains pending and all new proceedings must be filed and resolved. “

The newly allocated funds will allow qualified courts and affiliates to hire staff, secure temporary workspaces and court facilities, and address the unprocessed proceedings, according to a court announcement. I can do it.

Cases involving serious violent abuse cases such as murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, exacerbation of child sexual abuse, exacerbation of sodomy, and exacerbation of child sexual abuse are prioritized.

Kemp said he plans to establish a violent crime task force to assist district attorneys in these cases. The governor’s news release did not provide details on what it would entail.

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Georgia governor allocates COVID relief funds to help courts | News Source link Georgia governor allocates COVID relief funds to help courts | News

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