Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Requests Audit After State Prove Election Results

Georgian Governor Brian Kemp proved the state’s election results on Friday and said the results proved that the Trump campaign could pursue other legal options requiring recounting. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger (Republican) told reporters Friday morning that President Biden had decisively won the state after the state’s manual recount was completed on Thursday.

However, Kemp did not support the result and instead requested another full recount. Kemp, who was Secretary of State of Georgia before Lafence Purger, does not publicly defend the state’s election process from criticism from the president and his campaign. He claimed on Friday that an audit revealed a serious error made in several counties, including Floyd, Douglas, and Walton.

According to Kemp, the audit only covered ballots, not absentee ballot signatures or ballot signatures. He “considered addressing these concerns” to Lafence Purger, “performed a sample audit of the signatures of absentee ballot envelopes, and signed them with the application form and the signature of the file submitted by the Secretary of State. I asked them to compare.

Secretary of State Georgia reiterated that at this point in the process, signatures already in place as part of the two-step signature verification process cannot be collated. This is because the ballot is separated from the envelope and kept secret. Of voter choice.

Kemp’s press conference takes place after a strange series of events on Friday afternoon. La Fence Purger will issue a statement that the results have been proven and a revised statement that it will be proven later on Friday within 30 minutes. He proved the results around 4 pm, an hour before Kemp was set to hold a press conference.

in the meantime, Friday’s Trump Tweet Kemp and Lafence Purger claim to give “Republicans and me, David Perdue, and perhaps Kelly Loeffler, a big victory” “Let’s see the signature revealing hundreds of thousands of illegal votes.” He accused him of refusing.

“Why don’t they do that, and why are they so fast to prove meaningless tabulations?” Trump tweeted.

The results of the hand recount were still within the 0.5% margin, so the Trump campaign may request another recount within two business days. If the Trump campaign requires another recount, it will be a machine recount.

Georgia was one of five states where Biden turned around from Trump’s 2016 victory. Since former President Bill Clinton won the Democratic Party in 1992, the state has not resolved to send the Democratic Party to the White House.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Requests Audit After State Prove Election Results

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