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Atlanta (AP) — Former Democrat Vernon Jones crowd surfed after speaking with one of Trump’s supporters in October …

Atlanta (AP) — Former Democrat Vernon Jones crowd surfed enthusiastic Trump supporters in October after speaking at one of the former president’s election rallies.

Now, scandal-stricken politicians want to surf dissatisfaction with Governor Brian Kemp on the Republican nomination. Jones announced on Friday that he would challenge the incumbent governor in 2022.

“You saw me standing right next to Donald Trump like you. I for you and our elections, and first for America, and with the Governor and them. All RINOs put together and did more as a conservative battle, “Jones said.

Jones was a state representative on an outing with his party when he shot prominently in a Republican circle as an African-American Democrat who supported Trump’s reelection campaign. He continued to be in the limelight as a supporter of the false allegations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump by fraud.

Jones said Friday that Kemp and “Republican In Name Only” sold out Trump without objecting to the outcome of the presidential election, sacrificing Republicans two seats in the White House and the Democratic Senate in Georgia.

The 60-year-old Jones declared himself a Republican in January after serving multiple terms at the Georgia House, with a problematic turn in charge of DeKalb County on the outskirts of Atlanta, and the expiration of his last term in Congress. “I left the farm,” he declared during a party change.

He kept steadily igniting the governor. Last week, he tweeted that Kemp “has not stopped using Dominion voting machines in Georgia yet.” I’ll do that on the first day, “suggests an unproven claim that the machine somehow improperly voted for President Trump and President Joe Biden. He has been the first Democrat to win the Georgia Electoral College since 1992.

Jones also promises a platform for school selection, police assistance, low taxes, deregulation and environmental protection. He claimed that because he was black, he could perform better against 2022 Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams than Kemp, who defeated Abrams slightly in 2018.

“We are given a false story based on racism, identity politics and propaganda given to the masses,” Jones said. “Unfortunately, some of the current Republican leaders, including the governor, refused to fight, probably because of fear of Stacy. But I don’t care. Georgia deserves true executive leadership. . “

Jones posted his video and photos interacting with Trump at the Mar A Lago Club in Florida. However, despite constant criticism of Kemp, it is unclear whether Trump will support him.

For Jones, this race is the latest in DeKalb’s long career as a self-proclaimed “country boy” who became the first African-American CEO. At every stage, Jones is obsessed with questions about which side of the law he lived in and which party he joined.

Jones said he had been obsessed with GOP for a long time and was endorsed by the DeKalb County Republican Party when he was first elected CEO of the county in 2000 and voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

As a county leader, he faced an expensive security scrutiny and accused the woman of raping Jones in late 2004. She withdrew the indictment saying she didn’t want to face scrutiny, but never resigned. Jones denied cheating, saying that their sexual encounter had reached an agreement.

Jones oversaw hundreds of millions of capital projects as CEO, but a special grand jury later claimed he was part of the endemic culture of “incompetence, sponsorship, fraud, and jury.”

“Vernon Jones has historically been a very effective activist, so we can’t underestimate him,” said Decatur Democrat Mary Margaret Oliver, who has long been intertwined with Jones. Stated. “But he is unlikely to run an honest and respected administration with talented staff.”

Jones ran for US Senator in 2008, but lost the Democratic final vote while losing his home county. He later lost the race for the US House of Representatives and the County Sheriff before returning to the State Capitol.

People close to Kemp admit that some conservatives are skeptical and even angry. But they see Jones as perhaps the best kind of major challenger that incumbents can get. They claim that Jones can draw enough attention to demand an early and energetic campaign by Kemp, but Jones is not necessarily a Trump supporter in the Republican primary.

“A strategic move for the governor’s team, the governor’s supporters, to grassroots activists, he was the champion of life for economic growth and opportunity, expanded access to health and now with a culture of cancellation. Is to remind you that you are leading the battle. ”Top Campaign Consultant.

If Jones’ challenge helps Kemp raise more money and strengthen his position among the Republicans, it may help him in a potential general election match against Abrams, his The adviser says.

Georgian Republicans recognize that Abrams will be able to raise money nationwide and will not face significant major opposition, and Kemp’s incumbent flash campaign account and party unity that Kemp cannot yet guarantee. Is left to her.

The first test of Kemp’s status has already begun, as the county Republican Party hosts the annual convention. Trump’s allies are pushing for a resolution condemning Governor and Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger for his role in proving Biden’s narrow victory in Georgia.

Overwhelmingly two Republican counties, Murray and Whitfield, adopted a condemnation resolution last week. Dozens of other local Republican committees across the remaining 157 Georgia counties will consider the accusations on Saturday.

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