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Atlanta, Georgia 2020-12-17 06:00:39 –

On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 1,000 empty foldable metal chairs will be placed in the square opposite the Georgia Capitol Museum in Atlanta. The chair was part of an event organized by the grassroots group COVID Survivors for Change to honor and remember the people of Georgia who died after being infected with COVID-19. (AP photo / Ron Harris)

A record number of people were admitted to a hospital in Georgia on Wednesday and were confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. This is another signal that the infection is more widespread than it was during the peak of the previous summer, as public health officials sought to raise a warning that the coronavirus was spreading unabated. Status.

In Atlanta, a group called the COVID Survivors for Change installed 1,000 chairs near the State Capitol in the cold rain to remember people who died of respiratory illness in Georgia. The number increased on Wednesday, with 10,228 confirmed and suspected dead.

“I caught COVID-19 in March,” Marjorie Roberts said at the ceremony. “The first day of my symptoms was March 26th. Now, nine months later, I still feel the wreckage. I also lost one of my lifelong friends on COVID-19. Say goodbye. I didn’t even have the opportunity. He died alone in the hospital. Lonely. “

In a weekly report, the State Department warned of the continued spread of the infection. As of Wednesday, suspected confirmed infections averaged over 6,100 last week and were the first to have a moving average of over 6,000. At the beginning of November, Georgia had an average of less than 2,000 infectious diseases per day.

“They reflect the highest number of cases ever, and they don’t diminish or level off daily,” the agency said.

The report recorded 130 clear outbreaks last week, an increase of more than 10% over the previous week. The top locations of the case cluster remained in nursing homes and other care facilities, schools, workplaces, prisons and prisons.

“These outbreaks occur in situations where people are physically gathered, emphasizing the need for physical distance and source control,” the agency said.

Approximately 13% of molecular PCR tests have returned positive for the virus, the highest level since late July, indicating widespread community infections.

On Wednesday, 17 hospitals across the state were diverting medical and / or intensive care patients, according to the Georgia Coordination Center, which tracks hospital capacity.

In Augusta, university hospital workers have installed ventilators to create more space for COVID-19 patients.

The hospital broke the previous record of 105 COVID-19 inpatients on 31 July, with at least 117 on Wednesday, spokeswoman Rebecca Sylvester told The Augusta Chronicle.

“The demand for COVID-19 hospitals is in the unknown, just as the case rate is currently in the unknown,” said amber Schmidke, an epidemiologist who writes a daily report on the number of Georgia states. Said.

The worsening news came when more hospitals and medical institutions started the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine to their employees. However, state officials warned on Tuesday that only 84,000 doses would be readily available.

More school systems on Wednesday canceled the remaining face-to-face lessons from now until the beginning of the Christmas holidays, including Bibb County. Albany’s Dougherty County district said it would delay students returning directly to class for a week to eradicate infections after vacation. Recent data show a large spike in cases among school-aged children.

At a COVID-19 memorial event in Atlanta, Roberts said he still feels he needs to convey the message that COVID-19 is not a “hoax.”

“There is their truth, we have our truth, and we need to hear our truth because we need to deal with COVID-19,” she said. “We need to give a name. We have a name, we have a family, we have loved ones. We have lost a lot.”

Some survivors said he hoped that when he took office next month, presidential election Joe Biden would be more effective at controlling the virus than President Donald Trump.

“President Biden has worked with the team that developed the pandemic response plan, and I hope that the plan and national plan will be enacted under his administration,” Carroll Lewis said. “That is my hope.”

Georgia hospitals break previous mark for COVID-19 patients Source link Georgia hospitals break previous mark for COVID-19 patients

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