Georgia Secretary of State Primary Debates: While Republican hopefuls sparred on election conspiracies, Democrats swapped voting policy pitches – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2022-05-03 16:14:47 –

Republican candidates Jody Hice and Brad Rafence

Screenshots from GPB / Atlanta Press Club

Georgia Secretary of State’s Republican candidate noticed being trapped in the same place on Monday Echo chamber of fake 2020 election fraud theory seen in the Governor’s debate on SundayDemocrats, who are vying for the job of the state’s best voting system, have proposed strategies for changes that may strengthen the voting rights that are the basis of democracy, they said.

During a series of debates hosted by the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting, candidates from both parties sought to focus on ways to enhance election integrity.

However, Democratic candidates Be Nguyen, former MP Dee Dawkins Heigler, former MP Floyd Griffin, former Fulton County Commissioner John Eaves, and cybersecurity engineer Michael.・ Owens politely proposed a revision of the election system. Most of the Republican candidates (including Jody Hice, former Mayor of Alpharetta, and former Troitren County Prosecutor TJ Hudson) have teeed up with each other for occasional political layups. Former President Donald Trump refused to let go in the 2020 elections, which bullied candidate Brad Rafensperger and pushed the same Bonker’s allegations. It was awkward.

Georgia Secretary of State Primary Debate
Democratic Candidates during the Secretary of State’s First Debate (LR) on Monday: Dee Doukins Heigler, John Eaves, Floyd Griffin, Bee Nguyen, Michael Owen

Screenshots from GPB / Atlanta Press Club

Georgia Secretary of State Primary Debate
Republican Candidates during the Secretary of State’s First Debate (LR) on Monday: David Belle Isle, Jody Hice, TJ Hudson, Brad Rafence

Screenshots from GPB / Atlanta Press Club

According to Marilyn Marks, managing director of the non-profit Good Governance coalition, the claim that the 2020 elections were “stolen” naturally looks behind the head, but Georgia’s voting system Far from perfect.

“Although no evidence of election fraud or widespread fraud has been presented, the fact that inaccurate claims are still prevalent in Georgia gives Georgia elections great transparency and verifiability. We should tell political leaders that we need to make some improvements, “she said. Atlanta.. “If elections are publicly verifiable and transparent to the press, candidates and the general public, conspiracy theories and false allegations will soon collapse. Georgia leaders should do that. There are a lot of them, and it will win the trust of voters. “

Pursuing such reforms on Monday, during the Democratic debate, Eaves emerged a plan for a unified operating procedure for state-wide local election committees. Griffin suggested regular hearings with staff from these institutions. Owens said technical education needed to help prevent cyberattacks from Russia, China, or “domestic terrorists.” Dawkins-Haigler made fun of increasing the budget for voter education. Nguyen urged a move to “a handwritten paper voting system with an auditable trail that can identify who a voter is voting for.”

Georgia Secretary of State Primary Debate
Candidates for Floyd Griffin and Bee Nguyen

Screenshots from GPB / Atlanta Press Club

An hour ago, Republican Secretary of State circled a discussion about whether Biden’s leadership allowed Biden the best Trump almost two years ago.

In Georgia, Heiss jabed that Lafence Purger created an “agent ballot” when a third party rounded up an absentee ballot and returned it for counting and counting. Instead, the current electoral emperor argued that there was no evidence that it was happening on a substantial scale. Raffensperger said he strives to practice only under government property and video surveillance, arguing that Hice has done nothing to strengthen its federal voting policy.

Despite a series of steps, audits, and other investigations examining the 2020 election results, Belle Isle hates the soundness of the results and authorities must regain public confidence in the safety of the elections. I took note.

“Trust in elections is the same as trust in other relationships,” he said. “If you lose credibility, it’s hard to get it back.” He suggested adopting handwritten paper ballots and abolishing absentee ballots without excuses.

All five Democratic Secretaries of State said in a debate that even if Trump had a comeback victory in Georgia, he would prove the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

Dawkins Heigler hinted at Trump’s infamous call to Rafence Purger to persuade Georgian authorities to “find” enough votes to flip the election results, saying he would be in favor of the then president.

“I can’t imagine President Biden or President Trump calling Dee Doukins Hygler because Dee Doukins Hygler is about office integrity,” she said. “And we sincerely hope that the Democrats will win, but we are the only ones who have a solid plan and are not trying to curb the votes of millions of Georgians, especially blacks. Hmm. Currently, there are 2 million registered voters. I still follow the law. This is not an opportunity to take advantage of you or shake the election in any way. “

And during the debate on the candidate for governor on Sunday, controversy, such as Governor Brian Kemp, has imposed new restrictions on hitting ballot boxes as a blessing of salvation for the integrity of the election. It advertised the new Georgia ballot box enacted by the brewing Senate Bill 202. Each outline is a plan to abolish the measures by proceedings.

SB 202 is facing a barrage of legal issues, and the next Secretary of State will be the defendant in these proceedings. Griffin said the bill “should be abolished altogether.” Nguyen said it violated federal voting rights law. Dawkins-Haigler called the new law “not conscientious.”

Anyway, the fate of Georgia’s electoral system depends on the outcome of the November elections, and the winner can decide how the inhabitants will pull the lever over the years to come. Early voting is underway and the primary will take place on May 24th.

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