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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-02-22 19:19:44 –

Photo of the Georgia Capitol Museum on Tuesday night, June 23, 2020. Photo courtesy of Itoro N. Umontuen / The Atlanta Voice

Georgian Republicans demand a balanced federal budget and again demand the state to seek a treaty to amend the US Constitution to limit the term of Congress, and the state disrupts the status quo in Washington. Insists that it needs to be supported.

State legislature cast 34-20 votes on both on Monday Senate Resolution 28 Limit the number of terms that federal lawmakers can serve, Senate Resolution 29 You need a balanced budget. Measures move to the House of Representatives for further discussion.

The resolution’s sponsor, Athens Republican Bill Cowsert, said the measure would “rewind parliament and become a functioning organization again.”

Congress can propose a state amendment with two-thirds of the votes, but the US Constitution states that two-thirds of the state can propose an amendment to a state’s governing document by calling a treaty. In either case, three-quarters of the states must ratify the proposed amendments. Twenty-seven amendments proposed by Congress have been ratified, but state-sponsored amendments have never been ratified.

Georgia has requested a treaty to consider a balanced budget at least the fourth time, and has requested a treaty to consider term limits at least the second time.

The Georgia Term Limitation Resolution does not specify the number of terms that the House of Representatives and the Senator should be restricted to, and its balanced budget resolution does not specify what the rules should be.

Mr. Kausart said the resolution and Georgia law would prevent it by allowing the recall of deputies, and challenged concerns that any treaty could do something the state did not intend.

Proponents of a balanced budget say debt and spending are moving in an unsustainable direction, but Kausert said he would borrow money for long-term improvements or the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it would be okay to allow deficit spending during such emergencies and wars.

However, opponents say any amendment would hurt the response to the recession and endanger programs such as social security and Medicare.

“This is a bad idea in so many ways,” said Atlanta Senator Nan Orrock.

Kausert said the state could be the 34th state to demand a balanced budget, triggering the tournament. However, the number is in dispute as some states have canceled previous calls.

Proponents of term restrictions say incumbents have too much of a funding advantage because of their relationship with interest groups, and more frequent changes of parliamentarians will facilitate new ideas and federal simplification. I will.

“These parliamentarians don’t own those seats where they sit, and the senators don’t own them,” Kausert said. “They don’t qualify for them.”

However, opponents say voters must be able to retain representatives of their choices as long as they wish, and experienced lawmakers are excellent. They argue that term restrictions will give more power to the monitored interests, which pre-term forces are opposed to.

“If you have a job that keeps you connected and informed about the issue, it’s the type of legislator they really want to re-election,” said Senator Elena Parent. Democratic Party of Atlanta.

Georgia senators seek term limits, balanced budget conclaves Source link Georgia senators seek term limits, balanced budget conclaves

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