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Fulton County, Georgia (CW69 News at 10) — Georgia opens four state-owned mass vaccination sites on Monday, February 22, as it waits for more COVID-19 vaccine supply to meet demand. Did. This is the first step in a state’s strategic plan to distribute vaccines received from the federal government.

Drivers lined up for vaccination in Fulton County had front row seats on an airplane taking off at the airport. Most people were happy with their arrival and departure times outside the Delta Flight Museum.

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“They are in time for everything. You don’t have to wait long. Mary Green, a resident of DeKalb County, said:” Setting this up and building a registration system is It was great, “said Bruce Marinello, a resident of Gwinnett County.

The other three sites are located in Macon, Albany and Harborsham County. All four sites are near minority communities who are almost hesitant to get vaccinated. “We are up and running, and we are delighted to have a shootout at all four sites,” said Chris Stallings, Head of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Georgia. ..

Governor Brian Kemp and officials are monitoring the site from GEMA’s State Operations Center. “As supply expands in the coming months, we can increase capacity at these four initial sites,” he said, and if there is no significant vaccine demand at some sites, then doses for others. I added that I would move it to a place. .. However, it may not be necessary if you extend the eligibility criteria.

Each site runs at 50% capacity for the first few weeks. Residents can return to the same location for the second dose. “Each site has an allocation to perform 1,100 shots per day,” Stall said. “If you’re concerned about vaccination or moving something in the state, we’ll put in a logistics team. If something goes wrong on one site, it can happen on another. Our team has identified everything that we might encounter. “

“Currently, Georgia has received 1.75 million COVID-19 vaccines. Georgia-controlled doses are out of 10 on the fragile Georgian arm from a distribution and control perspective. We launched nine shots, “said Kemp, showing that this represents 89% of Georgia’s vaccine supply.

More than 763,000 older people have been vaccinated, according to Kemp, and 85% of Georgia’s COVID-19 deaths are associated with people over the age of 65. “Vaccine demand is well above supply, but we continue to focus on ways to prevent 85% of future deaths,” he said.

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They plan to expand their eligibility criteria in the next few days, but the ongoing challenge is limited supply. Most of these sites are booked for a week, but the general public is still asked to Here For more information.

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