German exit polls show very close and definitive results

The heart of Willy Brandt House, Berlin headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), The exit polls suggested that they had achieved 26% of the votes in the German general election, which cheered. This is a conservative rival, the Christian Democrats (Christian Democrats)CDU) And its Bavarian ally, CSU. Still, the joy was short-lived. NS SPD The army was watching an exit poll from ZDF, Broadcasters; but another, ARDIn 25% of the votes, both major political parties participated, showing a de facto dead heat. ZDF I later updated the vote with very similar results. Early official predictions also predicted very close races, albeit with a slight edge. SPD (Our graphic averages two votes). Too many postal ballots and the confusion of voting in Berlin, which prevented the city marathon from delivering extra ballots to stations running short of vehicles, contributed to the confusion.

As it becomes clearer in the coming hours, many coalition governments will be possible and the politics of Germany and thus Europe will be quite confused (although Angela Merkel will remain prime minister until a new government is formed. , Probably some are not months.).Both leaders CDU And that SPD He insisted on the obligation to start negotiations between Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party of Professional Business (FDP), But it’s hard to see how these two little parties can talk at the same time.

In the former case, Armin Laschet, CDU / CSU A candidate to replace Merkel will lead the “Jamaica” coalition. In the latter, Olaf Scholz will be the prime minister of the “traffic light coalition” (the arrangement was named after the party’s color and the flag of Jamaica). Both will enjoy a clear majority.The Left Union will unite SPD, The Left of the Greens and the Left. The current forecast is that the grouping is slightly below the potential majority, but it could eventually become one.

But what is clear is that Mr. Rachette CDU / CSU It was the worst election result in history, down about 8-9 percentage points from the previous election in 2017. This in itself is the lowest layer in history. NS CDU / CSU I’m somewhat happy that it hasn’t fallen to the lows found in some recent polls, but the results have long been self-evident. Kanzlerverein, Or “Prime Minister’s Club”. Mr Rachette admitted that the party wasn’t happy with the result, but said he would “do everything” in an attempt to form a government that he could lead.

Lars Klingbeil, SPDThe Executive Secretary declared: SPD Because he tried to put his party in pole position to start the coalition negotiations. An exit poll found that Mr. Scholz was more eager to become prime minister than Mr. Scholz, and that the party was particularly successful with older voters. NS SPD It also appears to be heading for victory in the northeastern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state elections. But that hope of maintaining Berlin’s city-state, where another election was held, looks uncertain after the late Green Serge.

Meanwhile, Greens is projected to account for about 15% of the referendum. Given that the party was temporarily leading the polls by April, that would feel disappointing. Still, it counts as the best result in their history. “I’m having a hard time getting excited,” said Michael Kellner, the party’s secretary-general, but chose to congratulate him. SPD About “great results”. This urges Mr. Scholz to start a traffic light coalition effort. NS CSU Recently, we have ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition if the centre-right is second in the election. It gives Mr. Scholz an early advantage. But that’s an early stage.

German exit polls show very close and definitive results

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