Germantown’s Raffel Systems wins $106-million lawsuit; urges Feds to take further action against Chinese furniture maker – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-30 18:42:46 –

Milwaukee-For $ 106 million three years later, a small Germantown company is asking the federal government to investigate further Chinese furniture maker ManWah.

A Wisconsin jury discovered that Manwar violated intellectual property law when he created and sold a defective version of Raffel’s light-up cup holder for reclining furniture.

“This case goes far beyond the explicit theft of Raffel’s patented technology. It is Manwar’s consistent pattern of totally unfair competitive practices at the expense of American companies like Ruffel. “It’s about what we’re showing,” said John Scheller, chief attorney for Raffel, a partner at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, at an international telephone press conference. ..

Scheller says Raffel is considering requesting an investigation into illegal and unfair competition by the Federal Trade Commission and the International Trade Commission. The company is also considering asking the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate all Manwau furniture imported into the United States, including cup holders, and collect as much as possible.

“I know there’s an electrical problem,” Scheller said Thursday.

according to Milwalky Business Journal, Man Wah is expected to appeal. That is, Raffel may not receive the full amount.

The proceedings are the second highest amount awarded by the jury in court history, following the Equal Opportunity Commission v. Wal-Mart Stores, which was awarded $ 125 million in July 2021.

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