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Gerry Glasco hoping to get first win against daughter Tara in Cajuns’ home opener | UL Ragin’ Cajuns – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-02-22 15:50:00 –

Initially, UL coach Gerry Glasco said the home opener at Ramson Park in eastern Illinois at 4:30 on Tuesday would be his first coach match with his daughter Tara Archibald.

However, answering the follow-up questions reminded Grasco of the match during his high school coaching career.

His team in Georgia, featuring his middle daughter Erin, was 34-0 at the time. The opponent, whose winner participated in the state tournament in the regional finals on Memorial Day, had a familiar look as Tara’s volunteer coach.

“I remember she calling me that morning.’Dad, the head coach wants me to call the pitch for your team,’Glasco recalls. “I said,’Then call the pitch.'”

Birmingham, Alabama — In the Master Plan, UL coach Gerry Glasco wanted a bigger aggressive punch from 9th place Ragin Cajun.

In Tara’s view, it was a little more complicated than that. She told her boss that she would call the pitch to all teams except her father, “because I know all your batters.”

Confident in winning after defeating the enemy early in the season, Grasco encouraged her daughter to follow the coach’s wishes.

“Well, if you think you can make that much difference, you’re probably overestimating coaching, but you’re obliged to call your kids the pitch,” Grasco said. It was. “I never dreamed they would beat us. I knew she really knew our batters.”

In the end, Grasco’s team won 1-0 in 11 innings. So Gerry and Erin Grasco’s broken-hearted duo had to go to a state tournament the following week to eradicate Tara’s team.

“It hurts cruelly,” recalled Grasco.

Not surprisingly, Grasco was a young club in eastern Illinois that defeated Jackson State University 7-0 and 9-1 on Sunday, with the ninth-placed team going to win again.

“She has a young team and they are rebuilding,” Grasco said. “I’m really grateful that they came. I needed the game. I have McNeeds (Wednesday) playing really well.

“We are planning to have fun with her team and they are planning to win. It will be a war. We will chase each other.”

Just practicing batting and fielding in warm weather in very cold weather will be a plus for the Panthers.

“It’s good to see her. Walk and hug her,” Grasco said of her daughter.

“She is diligent. I am very proud of it. Her work habits are amazing. She is one of the bright young coaches. She is really sharp. She is fierce. She wins. You’re about to. Her kids will play well. “

Cajun will have a 4-0 weekend at a UAB tournament on the weekend. The highlight of the weekend was the depth of the pitching staff. Ace Summer Ellison dominated 2-0 as usual, scoring 0.54 ERA with 14 strikeouts in 13 innings, but pitching coach Microberts saved Kandraram (2-0, 1.62) and Casey Dixon (0-0). , 2.33 ERA, 1 save) and Vanessa Foreman (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 1 save).

“A really important pitching side, we were overjoyed,” Grasco said. “I know Roberts was overjoyed. We are overjoyed at what he did with his pitching staff.”

Lamb or Dixon could face eastern Illinois at McNeeds on Wednesday and LSU on Thursday.

Southpaw foreman will be a pace change relief almost exclusively this season.

Ciara Bryan (.500, 3 RBI), Melissa Mayeux (.455, 2 RBI) and Raina O’Neal (.439, 1 HR, 4 RBI) were the hottest RBIs in the weekend games.

“On the offensive side, we could be much better, but we could be worse, we could be even worse,” Grasco said. “I’m really happy. I think we see different players (brilliance) every weekend. From 1 to 9 in the lineup, we’re really good.”

The list of available players needs to grow during this busy eight-game week. Arizona transfer outfielder Jenna Keane is unlikely to recover from a shoulder injury as early as the second half of the week, Grasco said.

“A positive COVID test can make this week a tricky week,” Grasco said. “Unknown things can make depth a real factor this week.

“It will be a problem at this time of the year. Pitchers need to be careful. I hope they don’t make the decision to rest the pitcher. If you participate in a long exting game, it really takes a week. It can cause twisting. “

Alyssa Dalton clarified the role of a familiar shortstop, and Jade Gortares and Mayu shared time on third base. Gortares was watching time even in the outfield.

“We have to get Jade out (in the lineup). Her bat is amazing,” Grasco said. “Let’s relax (in LF) and focus on the blow. Her bat can make a huge contribution to our aggressive lineup if we move her. And Mayu It’s burning now, so you can put her anywhere. “

Gerry Glasco hoping to get first win against daughter Tara in Cajuns’ home opener | UL Ragin’ Cajuns Source link Gerry Glasco hoping to get first win against daughter Tara in Cajuns’ home opener | UL Ragin’ Cajuns

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