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Get ready for plastic and paper bag fees in Colorado — and say goodbye to styrofoam – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado lawmakers dispatched Governor Jared Polis on Tuesday House building 1162, Set prices for disposable products such as plastic and paper grocery bags, and allow retailers to retain some of their revenue.

The bill also bans the use of Styrofoam in restaurants from 2024.

The bill has long been a Democratic priority, but despite business opposition, it took years to get enough votes to pass Congress.

The bill looks like this:

Colorado will ban plastic bags from 2024, with a few exceptions.

The bill will ban all disposable plastic bags in Colorado from 2024. However, there is an asterisk.

Restaurants that prepare or serve food in individual parts for immediate consumption on or off the premises are open only in Colorado and are exempt, as are stores with up to three stores.

Companies that are allowed to provide plastic bags must charge a fee of at least 10 cents per bag. If the city or county establishes a higher fare, the fare can be higher. (I’ll talk more about that later.)

Customers entering and exiting the King Supers store in Erie on March 23 (special to Steve Peterson, Colorado Sun)

“We hope they make a cultural change decision,” said Senator Julie Gonzales, a Democrat in Denver and a major sponsor of the bill.

Companies that are banned from providing plastic bags can distribute them for a fee between January and July 2024, if they are in stock before the start of the year.

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Plastic and paper prices start in 2023

Beginning January 1, 2023, all businesses will be required to charge a fee of at least 10 cents on plastic and paper bags. If the city or county establishes a higher fare, the fare can be higher.

Persons participating in federal or state food aid programs do not have to pay as long as they can prove that they are enrolled in one of these initiatives.

Where does the full membership fee go?

Companies must remit 60% of the bag fee revenue they collect to the municipality in which they operate. If the business is in the county’s unincorporated area, the money will be sent to the county.

Local governments need to spend money on the next initiative.

  • Baggage charge execution costs
  • Waste treatment programs such as outreach and education

The remaining 40% of baggage fee income is held by the company but is not subject to sales tax.

Stores that collect baggage charges of less than $ 20 in a given quarter can store their money without having to transfer the income to the municipality or county.

How do consumers know?

Under the bill, businesses will be forced to “prominently display” signs inside and outside the store to warn customers of bag charges.

The fee will also be printed on the user’s receipt. Fees are non-refundable.

Goodbye to Styrofoam

It’s not just plastic bags that lawmakers are aiming to abolish. The bill will also ban polystyrene products (also known as Styrofoam) throughout the state from January 1, 2024.

The only exception is that the restaurant will continue to use Styrofoam products after that date until it is out of stock.

Randy Russo, preparing to open at the Bonbon Cafe on April 21, 2020, is folding a paper takeaway menu. (Seth McConnell, Special to the Colorado Sun)

What if the store does not support it?

Municipalities and cities could sue companies that do not comply with the new bag rates and Styrofoam rules.

They may also evaluate the following fines:

  • $ 500 for the second offense
  • $ 1,000 for third and subsequent violations

Fines are assessed for each breach during retail sale. This means that if you illegally distribute 10 plastic bags in a single transaction, you will only be considered one breach.

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Get ready for plastic and paper bag fees in Colorado — and say goodbye to styrofoam Source link Get ready for plastic and paper bag fees in Colorado — and say goodbye to styrofoam

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