Get ready for triple-digit temperatures again, as massive heat dome engulfs the US – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2022-06-18 07:51:31 –

(CNN) — More than 25 million people are on heat alerts in more than 12 states on Saturday. From the northern part of the plain to the southeast, temperatures are in the late 90’s and heat index levels are in the triple digits.

The heat wave followed another record-breaking heat wave last week, affecting much of the same area that was about to be affected by the second wave.

From Lincoln, Nebraska to Fargo, North Dakota, temperatures will reach three digits by the end of the weekend. The heat waves that concentrate on the Northern Planes are 20 to 25 degrees higher than usual.

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In the Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic region, thousands of people at the beginning of the week have not yet received electricity from the storm, thus freeing them from the heat, albeit for a short time.

At the beginning of Saturday, more than 320,000 customers were out of power in at least 12 states from Wisconsin to Georgia. In North Carolina and Virginia alone, more than 150,000 customers lost power.

On Saturdays, temperatures from Chicago to Portland, Maine will be 10 to 25 degrees lower than normal. But as soon as the temperature drops, it will recover by the beginning of next week.

Overall, more than 240 million people, about 75% of the 48 states of the continental United States, will reach temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius in the next seven days.

Another big heat wave next week

The heat dome, now located in the northern part of the plain, is moving eastward to the Midwest and South, marking a record-breaking week. Many of these states will reduce their release from the heat in the coming days.

St. Louis is expected to reach a high temperature of 84 degrees Celsius on Saturday. By the time Tuesday rolls, the high temperatures will jump to 100 degrees Celsius.

Chicago’s highs on Saturday may not even reach 70 degrees Celsius, but by Monday the highs will skyrocket to 95 degrees Celsius.

Raleigh, NC is expected to return from a maximum of 83 degrees Celsius on Sunday to an expected maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius by Wednesday.

Fever is the number one cause of weather-related deaths in the United States, and providing guidance on the potential for heat-related illnesses (convulsions, exhaustion, stroke, and possibly death) is extremely hot. Helps protect the general public at.

However, high temperatures at night can be as responsible as high temperatures during the day.

“Your body needs to cool at night, and you really expect it while you sleep,” said Jenvarian, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Las Vegas office. “If the nighttime temperatures are very high, you will not be able to cool your body properly, which in itself can cause complications, but you will also be less prepared for the heat of the day.”

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The temperature should be lowered to at least 80 degrees to begin recovery. In fact, if the temperature does not drop below 85 degrees Celsius, sweating can result in the loss of up to 2 liters of water overnight.

Dozens of cities could break the cold record of the hottest mornings in the next five days. More records are expected next week on the Midwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic coasts.

Get ready for triple-digit temperatures again, as massive heat dome engulfs the US Source link Get ready for triple-digit temperatures again, as massive heat dome engulfs the US

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