Getting Started with Linked Lead Generation

Did you know LinkedIn was the most expensive acquisition by Microsoft ever? This leading professional platform cost around $26.2 billion at the time. Currently, the LinkedIn user database sits at around 750 million people. No wonder many professionals see this site as one of the best social platforms for lead generation.

Myths about LinkedIn

The biggest misconception about LinkedIn is that this platform does not have regular visitors. People think professionals only log into their LinkedIn accounts when applying for a new job or looking for one.

The next myth regarding LinkedIn is that it’s less popular than other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Sure, Facebook may have the numbers (almost three billion users against 750 million), but LinkedIn has its loyal users that come to the site with a distinct purpose in mind — to grow their business network. This is exactly what makes this site such a great place for lead generation.

Besides, many leads from LinkedIn have good purchasing power. It is way better to reach out to those who can spend money to buy your product or service than contact those who do not. According to a recent report, 75% of all LinkedIn users have an annual income of over $50,000.

According to another report, the senior executives of all the 500 top fortune companies are on LinkedIn. For some businesses, LinkedIn helps to generate more leads than content marketing.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

Now that we know LinkedIn is a popular platform with a healthy and strong user base, it is time to shift our focus to strategies for LinkedIn lead generation.

#1 Complete Your Profile

The first tip, obvious as it sounds, is to complete your profile. Some digital marketing experts will also use the term “Optimize your Profile.” What does it mean?

Well, optimizing your LinkedIn Profile means adding all the information that will help you rank higher on organic search results. Also, when you have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile, your prospects will find it easier to get in touch with you.

While optimizing your account page, make sure to use those keywords and terms that have a higher ranking on Google. Sticking to SEO-friendly key phrases can show your account to more professionals worldwide.

When you have a complete LinkedIn profile, prospects who are actively looking for you can reach out easily, thus enhancing your existing lead list.

While optimizing your profile, do not clog your LinkedIn page with unnecessary and irrelevant keywords. This is not a good practice because the search engines might penalize you for this.

#2 Air for Referrals

One more thing you can do is to aim for contacts who will give you free referrals. This means that you should reach out to people you know well, especially if they have a large network of their own. This way, you can easily penetrate a completely new network and promote your business.

Once you are connected to users with a large network, start reaching out to the mutual connections. Do not ask for anything in the first conversation because it can(and probably will) kill the vibe. Rather, try to build rapport before asking for referrals.

#3 Regularly Engage with your Leads

To some, lead generation is the easy part. The toughest part of the job is nurturing relationships with people in your network. You might think that a hundred potential leads is a good enough number to get started with your business promotion. But that is not the case.

After curating the leads, you must regularly share content to engage with your audience. How do you do that? You deploy content marketing tactics.

Even a few years ago, people would only visit their LinkedIn profile if they had to post something or forward their CV to a recruiter. But now, this trend is changing. More and more people are casually logging into their LinkedIn profiles to read blogs and industry updates.

Similar to Facebook, people would scroll through their LinkedIn news feeds and look for insightful reports, case studies, info about conferences, and of course, learn about a job opening at their favorite organizations.

Still, in contrast to Facebook, plenty of LinkedIn posts do not have that many reactions and comments. Many LinkedIn posts redirect users to another platform that hosts the article or the news update. So, just because you see merely 10-15 likes to a post, it does not mean the source article is poorly written. Chances are, it contains much insightful information and is driving huge organic traffic to its publishing website.

Another suggestion is to experiment with video content on LinkedIn. Many people would watch a video rather than read an article, and this makes perfect sense as our attention span is decreasing over time. Currently, people lose their attention in just 3-4 seconds, which means that you should put your best effort into making all LinkedIn content informative and attention-grabbing.

If you are lucky, your content on LinkedIn might go viral. If it does, you will witness your monthly outreach increase a thousandfold within days. When LinkedIn notices a video is getting higher interaction in the first hours after it’s posted, the platform considers it useful and spreads it across the site more rapidly.

#4 Leverage Advertisement in your Favor

You might already know that LinkedIn comes with its own advertisement feature. For many businesses, sponsored ads work miracles. Often, they help companies reach out to healthy and well-off leads, which are easier to convert into sales.

Sponsoring ads is an effective way of reaching the news feed of users who are not on your lead list and who do not follow you on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social media platforms, it is easier to target specific people on LinkedIn. So, you can customize your marketing campaigns so that it reaches only those who are an ideal pick for your business.

Final Words on Reaching Out to Prospects

Many marketers cannot reach out to valuable leads as they do not have the contact details of their prospects. However, if you are on LinkedIn, you can use the In-Mail feature. This feature lets you send messages to those who aren’t on your network. If you still fail to contact your prospect, you can use LinkedIn email finder tools easily available in the market. Whichever method you choose, make sure your messages are professional and to the point because it is the only strategy that works on a business-focused audience.


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