Giant Eagle Cleveland officer shooting – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-08-03 05:20:58 –

Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – Cleveland Police Station Tuesday morning released new information about the policeman who shot the man W.117 Giant EagleNSMonday night.

According to police, an unidentified police officer was in the store for secondary employment.

According to their preliminary information, police officers intervened in a discussion between two men in the store, one of whom was armed.

According to police, a 21-year-old man showed his weapon when a policeman encountered a man in the parking lot.

The policeman fired and shot the man at his waist.

The shot man is being treated in a hospital for a non-life-threatening injury.

Firearms were recovered at the scene.

21 years old has not been identified. At this time, there are no signs that he has fired.

It is not clear how many police officers fired.

“I heard a fuss when I was paying,” said customer Mike Stein.

He said he heard two big pops.

“The shot man fell right next to my car.”

NS Cleveland Police Station The case is under investigation.

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