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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-12 17:26:36 –

Milwaukee has a rich history, but it takes a lot of effort to preserve it. Among them is Milwaukee’s own Frank Lindimbel, who won the “Witness To History” award on Wednesday. This award is dedicated to everyone who plays an important role in recording the history of the Milwaukee community.

Jimbel began legal affairs in 1960 and graduated from Marquette University Law School. He is one of four assistant US lawyers who call Milwaukee his hometown and has attempted more than 200 proceedings in his broad career. In addition, Zimbel negotiated a contract with the Deputy Sheriffs Association and served as legal counsel to the organization for over 30 years. His contributions to the Milwaukee community include serving on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission and chairing the Wisconsin Center District, which is responsible for realizing the building now known as the Wisconsin Center. All of these community-focused initiatives have dramatically improved the Milwaukee community and deserve his recognition from the Historical Society.

Gimbel may be recognized as part of his city-based company, Gimbel, Riley, Gerin & Brown LLP.The company was also two recipients Shepherd Express 2021 Milwaukee Awards Best of Business Law and Real Estate Planning Jobs. The company has been operating since 1968.

For more information on the Milwaukee Historical Society’s “Witnesses of History” award, and the organization dedicated to recognizing the history of our city, Please visit this website.

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May 12, 2022

4:26 pm

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