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When you think of Jin Blossom, you may think of another time in your life. The band first made an impact on the wave of alternative music that began in the early 90’s. But after more than 30 years of touring, the band isn’t purely nostalgic, and in fact remains very busy with regular tour schedules. We met frontman Robin Wilson to discuss the band’s legacy, what he was doing during the pandemic, and the band’s show at the Northern Lights Theater at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino this Saturday night. I went back to the road before.

Jin Blossom is back on the road for the last few months. How do you feel about going back and resuming playing?

It’s great. It was fun, and I was really relieved. The airport is still terrible, but after a 16-month break I was only able to start the show over and it was all weird. It’s normal again. My 33 years of normal life has traveled through rock shows, and it feels good to start over. Fortunately, now we have a show, we have more inventories, and people want to come see us.

How long have you been in contact with each other during the pandemic process?

We are not very poor. I was fine. We weren’t quite in touch, except for a few Zoom calls, but that’s okay. When I met again at the airport, things went back to normal. It feels good. Now that the show has resumed, everyone in the band is in a happy place. We have been doing that since May. It was our first gigback. Normally, we perform more than 100 times a year, but I think we have a total of 45 performances this year.

It’s still quite a performance.

That’s normal for us. You will be familiar with it when you enter the dressing room. A band that sits around just by being yourself.

When thinking about gin blossom, many casual fans may think of the 90’s and the blockbuster. For artists, it’s like rejecting their latest work. You have released music by 2018. How would you describe some of the new music you’re playing?

Well, it withstands other sources, and I think most people who come to see us lately may have never seen us. New songs will be talked about soon. They hold up so they don’t disturb the show at all. Perhaps some people like, “Oh, this is a gin blossom song I’ve never heard of.” They probably don’t even know how old it is. They might think it’s the B-side from one of our early records or something. Most of the shows I’ve been doing these days, but I get the impression that it’s a crowd I’ve never seen before, and I’m happy to be able to participate in a show with a reliable band. There are several songs they’ve heard and they’re happy to be on the show.

What was the reaction of the first crowd? Are people more involved now as they haven’t had live music for a long time?

In general, I think people are more excited than they thought a few years ago. There is a sense of relief and blessing that was not available before the pandemic.

Did you have any new creative attempts on your day off?

During the pandemic, I did many live stream concerts from my recording studio at home. When the weather improved, we started a concert in the front yard of the neighborhood. I was productive and created a lot of content on YouTube. I recorded a Halloween side project written on Rolling Stone. I also co-starred with the Smithereens and did a show with them a few weeks ago. Also, we are currently marketing the anime series to all major networks, so we are involved in it. I have already recorded valuable music for the first season. We also had a pitch meeting with Netflix later this week, which kept us busy.

It’s great to be busy and able to make new things.

Now that I’m juggling, there are a lot of grenades in the air. Being a rock singer in two established bands, it’s great to have the opportunity I have. I appreciate it very much. Throughout my life, that’s what I wanted to do and I can do it. Few people say they are doing exactly what they wanted to do when they were eight. It’s like growing into an astronaut, a quarterback or something. I’m a rock singer.

For tickets and more information on Gin Blossom at the Northern Lights Theater Visit the Potawa Tomi Hotel and Casino website..

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