Giuliana Rancic says her family went through COVID-19 after testing positive

Feel healthy. Giuliana Rancic and his family made a full recovery after testing positive for COVID-19 in September.

The entertainment reporter, 46, shared the news on Friday, Oct.16 via her Breast Cancer Awareness Month Instagram post. One fan commented asking how she has been feeling since her COVID diagnosis and she replied, “We’ve been through this and it’s all better now. Thanks for asking. We appreciate that. “


the Giuliana and Bill alum revealed in September that she would no longer host the 2020 Emmy Awards because she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“As I enter my 20th year on the E! red carpet, I have to say I don’t take missing an awards show lightly but unfortunately this year is so different, ”she explained in a video posted via Instagram. “As part of E! and NBCUniversal’s very strict testing guidelines, especially before an event like this, I found out I had tested positive for COVID-19. Now, even though I didn’t want to hear that, I’m so thankful that I heard it before I traveled and maybe got to expose other people. So for that, I am grateful.

Giuliana Rancic says her family went through COVID-19 after testing positive
Giuliana Rancic attends the 92nd Academy Awards in Los Angeles on February 9, 2020. David Fisher / Shutterstock

Rancic added that she was “fine” but announced to her husband, Bill rancic, and their 8-year-old son Duke also tested positive for the virus.

“My husband, Bill, and our son also tested positive, but we are all doing well and taking care of each other, so I’m going to start doing it again,” she says. “But I just want to say I wish you all the best and please protect yourself and those around you.” Pay attention and I’ll see you on the next red carpet.

Bill, 49, detailed his family’s battle with the coronavirus when it appeared on October 8 on The doctors. Restorer RPM said he was tested after a friend they were in quarantine with contracted the virus.

Giuliana Rancic says her family went through COVID-19 after testing positive
Giuliana Rancic with her husband Bill and son Edward Duke. Courtesy of Giuliana Rancic / Instagram

“Shockingly, me, Giuliana and our son Duke have all tested positive, needless to say we were quite shocked because we were all so careful wiping every package,” Bill explained. “We got it while we were in segregation, which tells you that anyone can get it… it’s no joke.

Bill said he suffered from “a few respiratory symptoms” and “a little aches”, but Giuliana – who has a history of breast cancer – had mild symptoms. “Luckily her symptoms were less than mine and she’s strong as a bull – so touch some wood, thank goodness it’s okay,” he says.

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