Give More 24! aims to raise $3.2 million in 24 hours – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-20 17:09:14 –

KOIN, Oregon — The biggest charity fundraiser of the year will take place on Thursday in southwestern Washington.

last year, Give more 2Four! Raised $ 2.9 million for more than 200 charities in southwestern Washington.

One of those charities is working on the homeless issue in Vancouver’s first small home community. C-roots We work with local governments, nonprofits and businesses to build 21 small homes, all designed to help the transition from the homeless.

“We did this and took a big step towards proving that the concept worked,” said Dan Whiteley.

I’ll give you 24 more!

“All of these homes come with case management, so there’s a lot of accountability. There are people migrating from substance abuse and veterans are migrating. These first three homes are sofas. For veterans who live in and want to continue their lives. “

The small house village is still under construction, but the program, which offers housing, utilities, and high-speed internet for about $ 600 a month, already has success stories.

Resident Cole Seeley said living here changed his life better.

“I was homeless all my life. It was strange to me to be in what I could call my home,” Sealy said.

Sealy is currently working full-time and is looking forward to seeing other people suffering from the homeless get the same opportunity.

The county’s original train base, built shortly after the Civil War, is also on 1.5 acres and has already been converted into three apartments.

C-roots is one of 201 charities in southwestern Washington. Give more 24!!.. The 24-hour fundraising activities are mostly online, so it’s easy to learn the great things that different charities are doing in the Clark, Lewis, and Kauritz counties. Some of the region’s top musicians perform during livestreaming events.

Last year’s program raised $ 2.9 million and this year’s goal is $ 3.2 million.

Give More 24! aims to raise $3.2 million in 24 hours Source link Give More 24! aims to raise $3.2 million in 24 hours

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