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Glasgow St Vincent Crescent flats plan revised – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Developers have shrunk their £ 8m plan for dozens of apartments in Glasgow’s reserve, in response to public opposition.

Nixon Blue said it reduced the “scale and density” of St. Vincent Crescent’s proposal at Finnieston.

There are currently 20 apartments planned from the original 36, and the height of the building has been reduced from 7 to 5 floors.

The proposed building was returned to the premises to create a larger public garden for use by the community.

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According to architects, the new proposal completes the area’s original 1849 master plan created by Crescent architect Alexander Kirkland, housing the former bowling club area as part of a larger terrace. Shown as a development site.

The proposal aims to attract more families and professionals to the area by offering a combination of two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom apartments and duplexes.

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Colin McIntyre, director and architect of Nixon Blue, said:

“We listened to stakeholder feedback on previous plans.

“We reduced the number of apartments to 20 and removed the two-story to fit the height of the buildings around the crescent.

“But as part of a £ 8 million investment in the city, we maintained and expanded our proposal for a new public garden space.

“Our aim is to continue to have a frank dialogue with the Glasgow City Council to bring a wider three-bedroom and four-bedroom home to Finnieston.”

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Chris Simmonds, Lead Architect at Page / Park, said:General on-site space north of the proposed residential land environment St. Vincent Crescent as a whole.

“Development and important new garden spaces will bring concrete improvements to the area and complete the vision of Alexander Kirkland’s 19th century master plan.”

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