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Tucson, Arizona 2021-02-22 15:27:52 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — A new way to recycle glass in Tucson is designed to save city money and create resources for development.

The old recycling program cost the city millions of dollars a year, said Steve Kozachik, a member of the Sixth Ward Assembly.

“We wanted to save money,” Kozachik said. “Collect your own glasses and create your own local distribution market.”

Today, glass is changing to concrete, a material for filling sandbags, and so on.

One of the problems that residents have is the location of the bottle. They were mostly in parks and offices, as opposed to the businesses that people visit often.

“Put the trash can in a convenient place, like a grocery store, where everyone ultimately has to go,” said Bob Fish, a resident of Tucson.

Currently, there are 21 trash cans in the city, but there are plans to add more.

“I’m working with a company that wants to sign on right now, so they can have a big bottle in their place,” Kozachik said. “It will get better over time.”

Click for a complete list of places where you can find bins HereOr see the map below.

Glass recycling program bins save Tucson money Source link Glass recycling program bins save Tucson money

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