Gleb Savchenko seeks spouse’s help during Elena Savchenko’s divorce

Counterattack. Gleb Savchenko Responded to a estranged wife Elena SamodanovaDivorce petition at his own request.

In three court documents obtained by We weekly, Dance with the stars Seeking joint legal and physical custody of professionals, 37 Their daughter, Olivia, 10 years old, Zulata, 3 years oldOn March 2, he further provided 36-year-old Samodanova with spouse assistance and demanded that she bear his attorney’s fees. He is trying to end the court’s ability to provide financial assistance to Samodanova.

One of the legal documents states that “discoveries are made” to determine the respective assets and liabilities of the pair. They have court dates scheduled for March 30th and June 2nd.

Gleb Savchenko and Elena Savchenko. Shutterstock (2)

Savchenko and Samodanova Announced separation in November 2020 14 years after marriage.The· So you think you can dance When the choreographer applied for divorce the following month, he asked for custody and child support for the children. She also requested that the divorced husband provide spouse assistance and bear her statutory costs.

“Both parties attended mediation to resolve the matter prior to filing the proceedings,” she said in a court motion on 22 December. “The parties have reached an agreement on some issues, [Savchenko] Refused to pay support for children and spouses without court order. “

According to her petition, Samodanova believes that the divorced husband can pay for his spouse’s support. He “earns an annual salary of about $ 406,614.” From his role Dance with the stars, Will be $ 33,884 per month. The businessman claimed she was “unemployed” and said her “only source of income” came from a dance studio she co-owned with a reality star. Due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Savchenko’s financial support will help children maintain a “high standard of living,” Savchenko said.

Shortly after their division was confirmed, Savchenko accused Savchenko of fooling her in rumors that he had something to do with him. DWTS Partner Chris Shell Staus..He later Denied the claim..

“I will continue to respect the privacy of my family, but I will not wait and will not allow false accusations or internet rumors to be taken up,” he said. We November 2020. “My relationship with Clichel was strictly Platonic. Our friendship during our season DWTS It wasn’t the reason for our division. Elena and I have had long-standing problems with our marriage. This was an ongoing situation between Elena and me, and the timing was bad. “

The following month, Savchenko said Entertainment tonight The long-standing pair “had problems for years,” and he “had a psychologically abusive and jealous relationship.” “The problem is that I’ve never actually fooled her. Never, ever.”

Savchenko Published in Jump!Rock girl Alum Cassie Scerbo In early December. During February We Exclusively revealed The pair was “breaking” From their romance.

“They aren’t exactly divided, but they’re just spending time apart,” shared sources. “”[They are] We are still in contact with each other. “

Samodanova said as part of her We Last month that She is ready to go forever.. “He has undergone final paperwork and will not look back,” she said on February 4. “As I’ve always said, my only concern and focus right now is the happiness and safety of my daughter. I hope Gleb and all his girlfriends will be well.”

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Gleb Savchenko seeks spouse’s help during Elena Savchenko’s divorce

Source link Gleb Savchenko seeks spouse’s help during Elena Savchenko’s divorce

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