Global Citizen Performance by Jennifer Lopez’s LL Cool J: Video-Hollywood Life

Jennifer Lopez has brought fans back to the ’00s with some of her most beloved hits, including “All I Have” and “I’m Real”!

Jennifer Lopez, 52, I’m back in the block!Bronx Native is more than offered in her long-awaited performance Global Citizen’s latest live concertHeld around the world on Saturday, September 25, with the aim of ending world poverty. Jennifer’s performance took place in Central Park, New York City, where she was attended by two old friends, an OG collaborator. LL Cool J When Ja Rule!!

“May I bring my friends? Come here, LL!” Jennifer asked the screaming fan as a track for “All I Have” — a single from her 2002 album. This is me … then I started playing.Both seemed to be less than a day old since the original music video, where the two appeared as a nearly separated couple. 18 years in front. Ja Rule also moved the crowd with his appearance set in a remix of their song.

Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J performed the hit song “All I Have”. (Erik Pendzich / Shutterstock)

The Queens native didn’t hesitate when referring to her famous Delière (this happened to be the line “It must have been a- that bothered me!”. “not strange”), It urged J.Lo to show off her to-work skills. Longtime friends exchanged lyrics for the songs before and after, keeping a fun and frivolous atmosphere on stage for the performance.

Jennifer didn’t forget Ben during the performance, but she also played one of her few songs about past romance, “I’m Glad.”The song that also appeared in This is me … thenWrote about Ben during the pair’s first relationship and engagement, which lasted from 2002 to 2004. true love The author went solo on stage for a sexy tribute. This featured her moving over a mini square stage with a red light background. Flash dance Inspired music video. A group of female dancers participated in the finale dance routine on stage, followed by an incredible dance solo.

Ben had the performance as seen by the audience.Oscar winners were later seen escorting Jennifer off-stage They held hands While heading to the parking lot.

During the show she also played “Jenny from the block” Jadakiss.. “I couldn’t go home and I couldn’t do this!” She said on stage when the song started. In particular, she wore a glittering gold New York Yankees hat. Alex Rodriguez, 45, used for. Of course, Jennifer is also from New York City. So the hat was probably a simple cry to her hometown.

Global Citizen Performance by Jennifer Lopez’s LL Cool J: Video-Hollywood Life

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