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Global Covid-19 Virtual Summit Set on May 12th

The United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal will co-sponsor the 2nd Global COVID-19 Summit, which will take place virtually May 12.

The summit will end the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and double the international community’s ability to prepare for the future. health threat.

This summit follows the first Global Covid-19 Summit convened by the United States last September.

Prior to the May 12 Summit, co-host countries will undertake new initiatives, vaccination and life for world leaders, members of civil society, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, and the private sector. Save and build better health and safety.

The summit builds on the themes and commitments made at the first summit and focuses on supporting community-led solutions for both immediate and long-term challenges.

The summit will focus on using shots as a weapon. Deploy tests and treatments, especially for the highest-risk populations. Expand and protect healthcare professionals and minimize disruption to routine and essential medical services. Strengthen access to medical measures, including R & D, scale-up, and regional and regional manufacturing diversification. Create sustainable funding for pandemic preparedness, health safety, and healthcare systems.

At a White House press conference, spokesman Jen Psaki said the role of the United States in co-sponsoring the summit was to continue to emphasize US leadership in global COVID response.

To date, the United States has provided more than $ 19 billion in health, humanitarian and financial support, and has provided more than 500 million vaccines to other countries free of charge.

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Global Covid-19 Virtual Summit Set on May 12th

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