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Riverside, California 2021-02-23 05:23:02 –

A teacher at Corpus Christi, Texas — Coastal Bend Elementary School says he has noticed that coats and sweaters have been piled up in the lost property office over the years.

More than 100 sweaters and jackets are left behind at Gloria Hicks Elementary School.

Candace Orta, the school’s CIS site coordinator, said that over the past few years, children had lost their jackets and noticed that the jackets were piled up in the coach’s closet. Orta said he had a lot of different sizes of jackets and decided to replace what he had lost with what he found.

“Some kids come to school with sweatshirts alone. There’s nothing to cover your ears that you know, and it’s not thick enough for them,” Alter said. “Instead of throwing them away, we decided to go and clean them.”

Since so many winter jackets need to be cleaned, Orta took them to Staples Drive’s Peerless Cleaners. Sales manager Sky Shoemaker says he offered to clean it for free.

“As a family-owned company, we do it often. We love helping our community, especially children in need,” said Shoemaker.

Orta said he would contact the teacher to find students who needed clothes. First grade Dallas Vela said she was excited about the new jacket and had some helpful tips to keep her classmates’ jackets from returning to the lost property office.

“They need to put it where they put it in a place that keeps it safe,” Vera said.

According to Orta, there are many schools within CCISD with apparel closets and will appreciate donations of clothing, food and school supplies.

“These kids are really grateful, so find the local school closest to you and donate,” Alter said.

For more information on how to donate to a nearby school, please visit the CCISD website. Here..

Gloria Hicks Elementary School assures kids stay warm Source link Gloria Hicks Elementary School assures kids stay warm

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