GM accelerates electrification timeline, planning 30 EVs by 2025

  • General Motors announced today that it has stepped up its electrification efforts and is investing an additional $ 7 billion in electrical and autonomous technologies.
  • GM also announced that it will bring 30 electric vehicles to market by 2025. Two-thirds of them will be available in North America.
  • GM said the flexibility of the Ultium platform allows the propulsion system to quickly adapt to the needs of different vehicles.

    General Motors leaves no doubt as to whether it is dedicated to electrification. Detroit-based automakers today announced that they will increase their investment in electricity and autonomous technology by $ 7 billion to bring 30 EVs to market by 2025. This will bring GM’s total investment in EVs and autonomous technologies to $ 27 billion by 2025, moving automakers into a full-electric lineup.

    According to GM, this planned increase in electric vehicles will be made possible by the flexible Ultium platform, which can adapt to a wide variety of different vehicles, starting with the 20 vehicles expected to hit the market by 2023. The platform can also give vehicles a range of up to 450 miles from 400 miles claimed by GM on “EV Day” in March.

    In addition to expanding EV production, GM expects Ultium batteries to fall by 60% by the middle of the last decade, bringing batteries “close to the cost of gas-powered engines.” By that time, GM also said it would be ready for a second-generation Ultium battery, which has twice the energy density of current batteries.

    “Climate variability is a reality and we want to be part of the solution by putting everyone in an electric vehicle,” said Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, in a press release. “We are moving from a strong position to the entire electrical portfolio and are focused on growth.”

    Of the 30 electric vehicles expected to hit the market by 2025, 20 will enter the North American market. Earlier this year, GM’s 2019 Sustainability Report gave a glimpse of many of these models, but today’s presentation once again saw the expanding EV lineup. In addition to the previously announced Lyriq, Celestiq and full-size SUVs, Cadillac will launch multiple electric crossovers and a “low roof entry.” In addition to the 2022 Hammer pickup EV and SUV EV, GMC is also producing full-size pickups. At Chevrolet, which already offers bolts and introduces bolt EUV, pickup and crossover models are planned along with “low roof entry”. At Buick, multiple electrical crossovers are expected.

    According to GM, the flexible Ultium platform has reduced Hummer’s development schedule to 26 months instead of the standard 50 months. The reduction in development time also affects the launch of other vehicles. For Cadillac Lyric, it will arrive by the first quarter of 2022 instead of arriving in late 2022.

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GM accelerates electrification timeline, planning 30 EVs by 2025

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