GM Cruises Approved to Offer Passenger Robot Taxi Service in California

Image Source: Cruise

Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors Company (NYSE: GM)’s majority-owned self-driving car, has been approved by the Public Utility Commission (CPUC) to provide passenger service to the public in a prototype robot taxi.

Friday, CPUC Announced Cruise was issued the first unmanned driving permit through the agency’s self-driving vehicle passenger service program. Under the terms of this program, cruises cannot charge a fare and must submit a quarterly report on the vehicle, along with a passenger safety plan.

CPUC Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma called the issuance of permits an “important milestone.”

“Self-driving cars have the potential to transform transportation systems and communities by solving individual mobility needs, improving road safety, and moving goods sustainably and efficiently throughout the state. “We have,” Shiroma said in a statement.

“The effective deployment of self-driving cars can also transform the business model of vehicle manufacturing, maintenance and services, and create new jobs and industries for the California workforce.”

This permit is one of the regulatory requirements that self-driving car developers must meet before they can be commercialized.

In California, unmanned vehicle companies require separate permits from the Department of Motor Vehicles and CPUC to test self-driving cars in the state and ultimately commercialize them.

Cruise, along with six other companies, including Alphabet Waymo, Baidu, and Alibaba-backed AutoX. Permit We tested an unmanned vehicle from CPUC in California. All companies except Cruises are not yet allowed to provide passenger services to the general public without a safe driver driving.

May, Reuters Both Cruise and Waymo report that they are seeking the necessary permits to charge for self-driving car dispatch and delivery in San Francisco.

Cruz’s director of government affairs, Prasanti Raman, said: TechCrunch“Today, we are honored to be the first to obtain an unmanned autonomous driving service permit to test passenger transport from California PUC.”

Cruise plans to begin commercial production of the first unmanned shuttle in early 2023. CNBC..

The company’s current test vehicles include hundreds of Chevrolet Bolt EVs equipped with cruise unmanned technology.


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