GM Design shows what you can do and what you can do

We like to check in regularly GM Design Instagram Account To see what they are cooking. It’s even better to get a glimpse of another history of what the legendary designers of General’s past thought, but those ideas may not have been commercialized.

For example, this week this account posted an illustration of George Camp. GM It lasted nearly 40 years from 1963 to 2001. One of the renderings looks like 1971-1972. Pontiac GTO As a judge, it has two headlights instead of the production unit’s quad beam. The rear is the most dramatic difference from the standard version and features huge integrated wings.

Other parts that didn’t reach the production cut include large side vents, gill-like side markers, and rectangular intakes under the headlights that aren’t unnatural in today’s contemporary design. Surprisingly, looking at the ages, the painting seems to have been painted around 1965 and is very foresighted.

There is also a very aerodynamic interpretation Corvette ZR-1. In our eyes, it divides the difference between the 1986 Corvette Indy Concept and the 4th Generation F Body. Pontiac Firebird, So perhaps part of the work of this sketch in the camp made it a physical form.

There are also radicals sports car May 1970 concept similar to Mazda Syd Mead-style RX-500 concept released in the same year Cadillac With a coupe Oldsmobile Coolly incorporates the company’s trademark waterfall grill and colonnade elements Cutlass It’s on the back.

Other recent posts include offroads like the FJ Cruiser EV, Sophisticated coupe Chevrolet Rendering of corporate grills, and Silverado-style pickups that look much better than the current production version.

Losing time on your account is pretty easy, but it’s always interesting to see GM’s vision and see what you can and what you can do.

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GM Design shows what you can do and what you can do

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