GM renames Detroit-Hamtramck factory to zero

Maybe you will be saved at zero and win. General Motors announced on Friday that the vast Detroit-Hamtramck facility, which has been converted to manufacture electric vehicles, has been renamed to Factory Zero, like zero emissions. ..

The company is spending $ 2.2 billion transforming its factory into a futuristic facility with sufficient flexibility to manufacture a variety of cars and trucks across GM’s portfolio of brands. According to GM, this is the highest amount of money ever spent on production facilities, and a large-scale crank-out of EVs by a factory will create 2,200 manufacturing jobs.

Factory Zero’s first projects are an all-electric GMC Hummer pickup and a self-driving electric cruise origin, both built on GM’s new Ultium battery platform, followed by other EVs. Factory Zero should start cranking out Hummer pickups by the fall of 2021. The Hummer SUV will come later.

Please check again with Autoblog When Hummer is revealed next Tuesday, October 20th.

Sustainability is another important feature. During construction, excess concrete from factory injections is used to pave roads, and rainwater spills are recycled to charge the factory’s control system and circulate the cooling tower. The 365-acre site also has 16.5 acres of wildlife habitat. According to GM, monarch butterflies live with foxes and wild turkeys.

GM promises to supply sustainable energy to all plants in southeastern Michigan by 2023, to other facilities in the United States by 2030, and to overseas plants by 2040. It states that it is. DTE’s kilowatt ground-based solar farm.

“Factory Zero will be the next battlefield for EV racing and will be GM’s flagship assembly plant on the journey to the future of all-electricity,” said Gerald Johnson, GM Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing. “The electric trucks and SUVs manufactured here will help transform the GM and automotive industries.”

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