Go to the moon via the cloud

Before this type of computing became widely available, organizations created expensive prototypes to test their designs. “We actually prototyped a full-scale prototype and ran it to life before deploying it in the field,” said core design engineer Brandon Howe, referring to the reactor he worked on in the United States. did. Navy. “It was a multi-billion dollar test for 20 years.”

Mr. Howe is currently the Director of Modeling and Simulation at a California-based nuclear engineering start-up. Kairos PowerHe honed the design of an affordable and safe reactor, hoping that Kairos would help accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy.

Nuclear energy, apart from its exorbitant cost, has long been regarded as one of the best options for zero carbon power generation. However, Kairos Power’s advanced reactors are designed to produce electricity at competitive costs with natural gas.

“The democratization of high-performance computing has now extended to startups, and companies like us can quickly iterate and move from concept to field deployment in record time,” Howe said. Mr. says.

However, high performance computing in the cloud has also created new challenges.

Over the last few years, the number of custom computer chips intentionally built for certain types of mathematical problems has skyrocketed. Similarly, high performance computing comes in many types of memory and network configurations. Also, different cloud providers have different disciplines. One may be good at computational fluid dynamics, while the other may be good at structural analysis.

Therefore, the challenge is to choose the right configuration and get the capacity when needed. This is due to the rapid increase in demand. Scientists and engineers are experts in their respective fields, but they are not necessarily involved in server configurations or processors.

This has created a new kind of discipline (high-performance cloud computing professionals) and a new cross-cloud platform that acts as a one-stop shop for businesses to choose the right combination of software and hardware. Working closely with all major cloud providers, Rescale is a leading player in this space. It matches computing problems in businesses such as Firefly and Kairos with the right cloud providers and provides computing that scientists and engineers can use to solve problems faster or at the lowest possible cost. To do.

Go to the moon via the cloud

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