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Going Heavy At Certain Roster Positions – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Dallas Cowboys Email Bag, Rob Philips & Johnny Opening

With a few players who can play multiple positions in defense, such as safety / linebackers, linebackers / pass rushers, edge rushers / defensive tackles, can a team be heavier in some positions? And should they be? -BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Rob: I agree that there seems to be enough defensive position flexibility to keep additional players in quarterbacks and offensive lines, for example. I would like to know which defensive harnesses will appear and how their positions will be categorized, as log jams will occur even if Tristenhill starts camp with Active / PUP. But the unfortunate reality of the NFL is that it causes injuries. So, on July 23, there’s no way to know that the Cowboys have as much defensive diversity as we think by the end of the preseason.

Johnny: Well, that would work, but as you point out, what makes them really heavy is the players who can do multiple things in case they need to change positions. .. They definitely teach young players to have diverse skill sets, but I think they will clarify in what position they are playing. They don’t want to take the player to the first week and say their role is “Swiss Army Knife”. Injuries and unexpected situations occur, but we want to give young players clear goals. Even a man like Keanu Neal shouldn’t think about safety unless it’s a bridge that needs to be crossed. Obviously, he was able to do it as needed.

It was unfortunate to see them playing all year round, but I felt that Terence Steele, Brandon Knight and other aggressive line reserves had gained valuable playing experience. Will either player see any improvement during this offseason? –WILLIAM TROMPETER / OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

Rob: Based on the limited number of people I’ve seen so far, I think both players can certainly take a step forward. Knight can also guard, which helps his roster opportunity. And I don’t think there is a clear front runner in the swing tackle work. TyNsekhe and newcomer Josh Ball are part of that conversation, but there’s probably no better idea until padded practice and pre-season games.

Johnny: I think there is no doubt that they have improved their experience. It’s like the question of whether they have clearly improved enough to be viable, or are they enough to know that the coaching staff are unreliable from them. I think the answer is on the way. I’m comfortable if either one has to start two games this year, but it’s an exaggeration to say that if the same O-Line injury problem as last year happens this year, it’s probably going to be a disaster again. I do not think.

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