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Going the distance on one wheel – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-11-24 19:38:32 –

Colorado Springs — There’s no shortage of fun ways to enjoy Colorado’s amazing outdoors. Cycling, hiking, kayaking, camping and even (after all) mountain unicycling. It may be a difficult balance at first, but some unicycles say it’s worth the effort and want to increasingly adopt the unicycle lifestyle.

I often hear cyclists go uphill, but what about unicycles doing the same thing?

The longtime unicycle Brandon Penn was introduced to the mountain unicycling sport about two years ago. From that point on, he’s been on trails throughout Colorado to help introduce the sport to others.

The level of balance displayed when Brandon hops, rides, and pivots down trail features that are considered semi-dangerous to navigate without both feet (and perhaps hands) on the ground is completely amazing. is.

Even more surprising is that Brandon is not the only practitioner of this unique sport. In our gorgeous state, there are many people who love to go on a one-wheeled adventure.

You can find many like-minded unicycles Colorado Front Range Unicycle Facebook Page..

If you need lessons, riders, or regular social gatherings for cycling, you can go in that direction.

Brandon wants to expose more and more people to his favorite activities and push to grow the sport.

“I really keep pushing it, trying to ride as many bikes as possible on a unicycle, and then going to the Mountain Unicycle to expand the community, because we need more,” he ends. bottom. ..

For more information on Brandon and his unicycle, you can visit him at 1man1uni.

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