Goldman Sachs asks returning workers if they have been vaccinated

Goldman Sachs requires bankers and other employees to tell their financial companies if they have been vaccinated before returning to the office.

Investment banks have begun to reinstate some of their 20,000 US-based employees, with most workers expected to return by June 14. Employees who have not yet submitted their vaccination status said earlier this week, “Registering vaccination status will allow everyone to plan to return to the office more safely while continuing to comply with local public health measures. . “

The memo states that it is “required” to indicate whether a worker has taken a shot through the company’s app by noon on June 10.

In particular, Goldman’s return officer policy does not require them to present a return officer. Vaccination record card To prove their status. Rather, banks are effectively asking employees to prove that they have been vaccinated by showing the date of vaccination and the vaccine manufacturer (the information on the card).

“The neutral option many employers should take is in writing that their employees are vaccinated,” said Kaiser Choudhry, an employment lawyer at Morgan Lewis, a global law firm. It’s about seeking approval. ” “So you don’t ask to see the card, but you explain the policy and let them prove that they will follow the policy.”

For employers, a more conservative approach is to require workers to provide proof of vaccination, such as a copy of a vaccination card issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Choudhury said the most generous approach would be to rely on a “pure honor system.” “Tell everyone about policy changes and then follow them, but that’s the most risky and fewer employers are adopting that option.”

Vaccine obligations at work and college are facing …


Employment regulations in the United States allow companies to: Request workers to be vaccinated Before returning to the office.Employers are also legal Keep unvaccinated employees out of the workplace As long as it accommodates reasonable accommodation for employees who are exempt from compulsory vaccination under Title VII of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act.

According to an internal memo, the bank does not require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but strongly recommends vaccination of employees.

“We highly recommend vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine, but we understand that the choice of vaccination is personal,” continues the memo received by CBS MoneyWatch.

Goldman also said that fully vaccinated employees in the state who withdrew their mask obligations could become maskless on the company’s premises. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated employees should continue to wear masks except when at their desk.

Goldman Sachs asks returning workers if they have been vaccinated

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