Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Bring Workers Back with Free Food

Sharebite CEO and co-founder Dilip Rao and co-founder Mohsin Memon

Source: Share bytes

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – unless a large company wants to hire an employee Return to the office In the middle of a pandemic.

Employers such as banks, asset managers, tech companies and law firms step up plans to return to work as more Americans are vaccinated and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is targeting July doing. Resume For the city.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Brought his American worker back to the officeBy July, at least on a part-time Goldman Sachs, The employee was told Ready to return by mid-JuneOther companies are targeting a return date after Labor Day holidays.

Some companies, such as Goldman, started free meals last year for the convenience they needed, as many local restaurants closed and employees had few lunchtime options. This perk is a way to make the office more attractive to those accustomed to remote work, he says. Dileep Rao, CEO of a food ordering platform called Share byte We do business with about 200 corporate customers.

“Many of these businesses use food as carrots to reopen their offices and bring people back,” Lao said. “When we talk to businesses, they often It’s like “$ 20 a day is fine”. [in food subsidies], I just want to bring people back to the office. “

Companies are working on safe ways welcome back Thousands of workers working from home for over a year.They did not fully require employees to be vaccinated, but had to walk a tightrope to convince them that they would be safe to return. Recent Pew Research Center Research We found that almost two-thirds of our employees were worried about returning to work.

Part of that equation is to understand how employees eat themselves. As a result, companies are restructuring their cafeterias and registering with software platforms such as Sharebite to streamline their orders.

This allows for free meals. In the past, benefits were common at the following tech giants: Alphabet And FacebookIs one of the tools to get employees to re-accept office life, Rao says.

According to the New York-based startup, more than 90% of share-byte customers, including financial institutions, corporate law, professional services companies, and tech companies, subsidize at least part of their employer’s diet. .. Famous clients include McKinsey, We work, And Coinbase..

This number is even higher for financial companies such as banks and hedge funds.Investment banks including Credit suisse And Cowen And asset manager Newberger Berman The company is subsidizing employees’ meals through share bytes, according to people familiar with the deal.

Workplace share byte station.

Source: Share bytes

The problem that Sharebite solved was that the lobby was filled with delivery staff when there was a flood of orders at lunchtime.Employers are the main competitors seamlessAllows you to group orders from the list of approved restaurants for a single delivery to a Sharebite branded station.

“All clients quickly realized that they could reopen their offices, but they need a plan to minimize the variability of people entering and exiting the building,” says Rao. “We don’t want hundreds of deliverers waiting in the lobby during lunch congestion. We definitely want to avoid thousands of employees going back and forth in crowded elevators.”

Prior to the pandemic, banks and law firms usually forced employees to pay for night and weekend meals to reward long working hours, Lao said. Currently, most Sharebite orders are during lunch rush hours, he said.

Companies that don’t use share bytes, like Goldman, are still deciding to feed their employees.

Goldman began offering free breakfast and lunch at its headquarters in downtown Manhattan last year, spokeswoman Leslie Schribman said. In places where there is no in-house cafeteria, such as the company’s Salt Lake City hub, employees receive up to $ 20 a day in dietary subsidies, she said.

Other financial companies are also increasing their perks, but they don’t last indefinitely.

Bank of America employees are subsidized for food and transportation to work in the field, but “these programs are currently evolving,” according to people familiar with the company. This was part of the additional support provided during the worst of the pandemic, which included the care of subsidized children and the elderly, he said.

At Bloomberg, a billionaire-owned Wall Street data analytics company Michael bloombergEmployees have been enjoying snacks 24 hours a day for a long time. Lunch is now more durable and individually wrapped, including salads, noodles, and sometimes sushi, according to people familiar with the company.

However, not all investment banks use this method. With JP Morgan Citigroup According to a spokeswoman for the company, the company is currently not offering more dietary subsidies than investment banks have traditionally done.

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Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Bring Workers Back with Free Food

Source link Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Bring Workers Back with Free Food

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