Goldman Sachs staff in the US must disclose Covid vaccination status | Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs told US staff that the Covid-19 vaccination status must be disclosed before returning to the office where he will work next week.

Investment banks previously told separately that 6,000 UK workers have the option to anonymously fill in their status to give their business an idea of ​​vaccination levels It is optional to previously disclose their vaccination status I told the US staff that there was.

“By registering vaccination status, we can plan for everyone to return to the office more safely while continuing to comply with local public health measures,” said an internal staff note. Stated. “Therefore, you need to submit your vaccination status. We highly recommend vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccine, but we understand that your vaccination choices are personal.”

Staff are told to record their status in Canopy, the bank’s internal app, and the company states that it can be shared with managers for planning.

In the UK, where Goldman Sachs offices are nearly one-third full, it is said that all staff will return to work following government guidance, which is now June 21st.

Goldman Sachs is at the forefront of returning to office-based work, said David Solomon, CEO of the company. Working from home working as “abnormal”..

Last month, rival JPMorgan Chase told all US bankers that they needed to be ready to get back to work on a “consistent rotation schedule” by early July. However, the largest US bank also said it plans to “significantly” reduce office space, “for every 100 employees, it could require an average of only 60 seats. There is. “

Financial services companies take different approaches. Offices working in the post-pandemic world..

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Last month, accounting and consultancy group KPMG told 16,000 UK staff that they only had to work. Stay in the office for an average of 2 days each week From this month. Calling the plan two weeks of four days, the company also announced other flexible work benefits, including an additional 2.5 hours of vacation each week during the summer.

HSBC, the UK’s largest bank, is moving to a hybrid model and plans to reduce its asset footprint by up to 40%.Lloyds Banking The group, the UK’s largest bank with a high street presence, says it can bring telecommuting as a permanent lifestyle change, saving 20% ​​of office space.

In March, Nationwide, the UK’s largest building-and-loan union, had 13,000 staff not working at its branches. You will be allowed to work from wherever they want..

Goldman Sachs staff in the US must disclose Covid vaccination status | Goldman Sachs

Source link Goldman Sachs staff in the US must disclose Covid vaccination status | Goldman Sachs

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