Gone Escape Planner Michael Taylor sentenced to two years in prison

Tokyo-A court in Tokyo on Monday sentenced Americans Michael Taylor and Peter Taylor to imprisonment for their role in the escape of former Nissan Motor Chief Carlos Ghosn from Japan.

Michael Taylor, a 60-year-old former green beret, was sentenced to two years in prison. His 28-year-old son, Peter Taylor, was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison. The court said they would get 90 days of credit already served in Japan.

The ruling is the latest fallout due to the escape of former Nissan chairman from Japan in late December 2019, which allowed him to avoid a monetary cost trial. Ghosn, who lived in Tokyo, hid in a box, left Japan on a private jet, and finally arrived in Lebanon, where he currently lives. He denied cheating and said he ran away because he didn’t think he could get a fair trial.

The Taylors defense team sought a suspended sentence that would allow the defendant to return home immediately. The defense alleged that he was motivated by an altruistic desire to save men from the Japanese judicial system, which he believed the Taylors had tortured. After being handed over to Japan in March, Taylors said he no longer believed that the Japanese judicial system was torturing people, based on their direct experience.

Judge Hideo Futana said the father and son duo deserve prison.

“This case allowed Ghosn, a defendant facing serious accusations, to flee abroad,” said Judge Nirei. “It’s been a year and a half since I fled, but there’s no prospect of a trial yet. The consequences of this case are enormous,” he said. Lebanon has not signed an extradition treaty with Japan.

At a press conference in Beirut, former car executive Carlos Ghosn said he had “escaped the injustice” in Japan. WSJ’s Chip Cummins discusses what Ghosn said and didn’t say. (January 8, 2020) Photo: Maya Alleruzzo / Associated Press

Taylors Pleaded guilty last month Responsible for helping criminals escape.

The Taylors were arrested at their home in Massachusetts in May 2020 and fought a failed nine-month battle to avoid being handed over to Japan.rear They were brought to Tokyo In early March, the case proceeded quickly as they pleaded guilty. In a final statement to the court prior to Monday’s ruling, Michael Taylor apologized in a tears court and said he regretted agreeing to help Mr Ghosn. “I’ve been in debt attorneys’ fees so far, so it wasn’t done for money,” he said.

During the trial at the Tokyo District Court, Taylors apologized He told the Japanese and the prosecutor that they were unaware that they were in violation of Japanese law.

The court denied a defense request that would have shortened the time it had to serve in Japan, stating that Taylors would not receive credit for the time he was in prison in the United States.

However, the judge also refused to give the full text that the prosecutor had requested. They asked Michael Taylor for 2 years and 10 months and Peter Taylor for 2 years and 6 months. The maximum sentence for prosecution is three years. The judge said the Taylors had regretted their actions.

Judge Nirey said it was unbelievable that Taylors acted out of humanitarian concerns about Mr. Ghosn because he made no explicit effort to confirm whether Mr. Ghosn was tortured.

The judge said that only about half of the $ 860,000 received by Taylors from Mr Ghosn was used to pay for private jets from Japan. The judge said some of the money was pocketed by Taylors. He described profits as Taylors’ main motivation for helping Mr Ghosn.

The judge said Michael Taylor was the protagonist of the escape, incorporating both his son Peter and his friend George Zyeck into the plan. That meant he had the greatest responsibility and the greatest punishment, the judge said.

The judge also dismissed the defense’s allegation that the young Taylor was unaware of Ghosn’s plans on the day of his escape. Peter Taylor gave Mr. Ghosn the key to the hotel room the day before the escape and allowed him to change clothes in the hotel room on the day of the escape.

“Peter played a smaller role, but his role was important to prevent the plan from being discovered,” the judge said.

Taylors are the latest people convicted of their role in escape. 3 Turkish citizens — 2 pilots and jet charter company manager —Convicted of smuggling immigrants By a court in Istanbul in connection with an escape, including a stop in Turkey.

Separately, a court in Tokyo is hearing the case of former Nissan executive Greg Kelly, who was charged with not reporting Mr. Ghosn’s full compensation for Nissan’s financial disclosure with Mr. Ghosn. Kelly says he is innocent. Closing arguments in that case are scheduled for fall.

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Gone Escape Planner Michael Taylor sentenced to two years in prison

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