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Tampa, Florida 2021-06-23 23:21:34 –

Denver (KMGH) – Good Samaritan who died in Taken on Monday in Old Town AlvadaColorado was shot dead by police bullets. KMGH Chief Investigator Tony Kovalsky confirmed through three informed sources of ranking, including two law enforcement agencies.

Alvada Police Officer Gordon Beasley, Good Samaritan John Harley, And the man who was believed to be the suspect in the original shooting, 59-year-old Ronald TroikeAll were killed in the shooting, but Alvada police did not reveal who was shot by whom.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Alvada police said they would not confirm that Harley had been shot by police.they Confirmed early in the afternoon Troike left a threatening note on the officer.

“We will not confirm until the research team has completed the interview and confirmed the forensic information,” the agency said.

Alvada Police Chief Link Strategy Said at a press conference on Tuesday Harley was “a true hero who likely confused what might have been a greater loss of life” in a shooting near the Alvada Library on Monday, but he didn’t elaborate at the time.

A man who witnessed a shooting on Tuesday evening at a nearby Alvada Army Navy surplus store at the time. He said he saw Harley shoot at Troike After Harley sees Troyk allegedly shooting an officer Beasley.

Witness Bill Troyanos said he also saw Harley being taken off the scene on a stretcher.

“He didn’t hesitate. He stood there and didn’t think about it. He heard the gunshot completely, went to the door, saw the archer, and immediately ran in that direction,” Troyanos said. Said. “I just want to make sure his family knows how heroic he was.”

A Harley friend described him as a man who “carries a shirt”.

“He was a frank activist and wanted to help people make a difference in his community,” said Cody Souls.

Alvada Deputy Police Chief Ed Brady Said on monday That summer, a school resource officer, Beasley, who was patroling his feet in Old Town during the school holidays, answered a call outside the library about a suspicious incident at around 1:15 pm on Monday. About 15 minutes later, Brady called for a dispatch to report that the police had been shot dead.

Chief Strate Said on Tuesday Beasley was “ambushed” by a person who “expressed hatred for police officers” and “he wore Alvada police uniforms and badges,” but the chief did not elaborate on those statements. ..

Officials said Tuesday that there was a separate investigation into the shooting, including a critical case response team at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

Alvada police officer Do not wear body camera nowHowever, the department has begun the process of implementing their use by 2023, in accordance with the new state legislation passed last year. It is currently unknown how many police officers have reacted to the scene and what happened during and around the shootings of Beasley, Harley and Troyk.

This story was originally reported by Tony Kovalski and Blair Miller on TheDenverChannel.com.

Good Samaritan who died in Colorado shooting was shot by police, according to sources Source link Good Samaritan who died in Colorado shooting was shot by police, according to sources

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