Google bans political advertising until inauguration

Google said it would not allow political advertising on the platform until the inauguration is over due to a violent riot in the Capitol last week.

In a letter to advertisers on Wednesday, the company sees planned protests on candidates, elections, and as a result, the next presidential inauguration, impeachment process, parliamentary riots, or any of these themes. He said the suspension would cover all the ads he did. News and product advertisers are no exception.

The suspension will take effect on Thursday and will be extended until at least January 21st. Google is the largest seller of advertising on the Internet. In addition to displaying ads on unique services such as search engines and YouTube, it also runs a powerful advertising platform and makes exchanges that other websites and publishers rely on. Policy changes were previously reported by Axios.

Last week, shortly after the riots, Google first stopped accepting ads that referred to the event.

Google treated last week’s riots as a “delicate event.” It is usually assigned to natural disasters and mass shootings and bans ads that attempt to take advantage of the tragedy. Google applied this policy for the first month after the election and banned political advertising to prevent the spread of false information through advertising.

After the polls ended on November 3, Facebook also put restrictions on US political advertising to minimize the spread of false election-related information.

Google bans political advertising until inauguration

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