Google Doodle Honors Zitkala-Ša, Indigenous Activist and Arlington Resident – Arlington, Texas

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Jito Karasa (Pronounced “Zit-KA-la Sha”), an indigenous rights activist and former resident of Arlington, Google Doodle To commemorate her 145th birthday today (Monday).

The Yankton Lakota Sioux writers, editors, translators and political activists lived in Lyon Park for 13 years before their death in 1938.

Because her name means “Red Bird,” she is featured in a scribble with an illustration of the Cardinal and a violin she studied at the New England Conservatory of Music.

She recently received an award from Arlington County. December 12, Arlington County Commission Approved request The Lyon Park Citizens’ Association renamed Henry Clay Park after her.The· Park 3011 7th Street N. remains closed, Large-scale renovation work is underway, The county is expected to be completed by April.

Born in South Dakota in 1876, Jito Karasa left an appointment to attend a manual labor school at the age of eight. There she was given the name Gertrude Simmons, her long hair was cut and she was forbidden to speak her native language.

“She enjoyed learning to read and write, but she directly experienced the damage caused by stripping her heritage,” Arlington Public Library said. Wrote about her.. “Feeling torn between life in the settlement and forced assimilation into white mainstream culture, Zitkala-Sa pursued higher education and established himself as a speaker on social and political issues. . “

Before jumping into political activity, she attended college, taught at a Native American boarding school, and studied the violin in the greenhouse.

1925, She moved 261N in Lyon Park with her husband, Captain Raymond Talefasebonin. He headed to Burton Street and lived until his death in 1938 and 1942, respectively. Both are buried in Arlington National Cemetery and their home is still on the corner of 3rd Street N. And Burton Street.

The library set up a national council of American Indians to defend voting, medical, legal status, and land rights, the library said.

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Google Doodle Honors Zitkala-Ša, Indigenous Activist and Arlington Resident Source link Google Doodle Honors Zitkala-Ša, Indigenous Activist and Arlington Resident

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