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The Republican-created $ 15.6 billion budget was approved by the House Expenditure Committee, but stopped sharply in the Senate. Republican leaders have accused the Republican leaders of breaking the deal to advance an irrelevant bill.

More than four hours after an unexpected adjournment after the Senate Expenditure Committee considered a single budget, Chairman David Gowan reconvened the panel and declared that work was done for the day. Did.

Gowan, a Republican member of Sierra Vista, will allow House Rule Committee Chairman Travis Grantham to move to the floor for the House and Senate to remove the Senate bill from Grantham’s committee and consider it systemically. I accused him of doing it. When the rules committee met early in the afternoon, it didn’t happen, so Mr Gowan said the House of Representatives “agrees to their agreement.” And his committee didn’t act on Tuesday’s budget. He said the Arizona Board has allowed it to operate beyond this year.

“We have a chairman of a rule (committee) that seems to support much of what we do,” Gowan said of Grantham. “House has decided not to respect the deals we have created together and to move things forward.”

Grantham Reply on TwitterHe hinted that Gowan was acting to ensure the passage of his own bill, saying he knew no deal. Other Senators When outside group Gowan accused him of taking the budget hostage and driving away Senate Bill 1708. Give a $ 150 million tax credit For making movies and TV in Arizona.

“(Why) we ban, boycott, and rob major conferences, businesses, and events because of the Republican majority and sound policy, with our great money of taxpayers. Do you invite and pay for the industry entering the state? ”Gransom Added..

Gowan counterattacked With his fellow Republican: “You know what the deal was made! You may not have been able to make a deal, but as part of your leadership team, you knew. , And it’s dishonest to say you didn’t know anything! “

If spending plans aren’t implemented, it all leaves the fate of the budget uncertain, even if the state is rushing towards a government shutdown on July 1.

The late afternoon turmoil ended a promising day for Republicans. When the House Committee began discussing the budget, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t just a Republican spending plan.

D-Phoenix Rep. Cesar Chavez voted for a budget package, supporting the budget to prevent the government from closing on July 1, and explaining that the Republican budget is better than no budget. Did.

Republicans desperately need the Democratic Party to support their budget. This is because the Republicans have publicly stated that they are against it. Republican leaders must get at least a small amount of Democratic approval, as they have a majority of one vote in both chambers.

But even that outlook looked dim just hours after Chavez joined the Republican Party to support the budget in a budget inquiry.

In a Twitter statement following the committee, Chavez wrote that he had not promised to vote for the budget when it was considered in all rooms, and voted against it if there was no common basis for education funding. I wrote that I would throw it. Reach between both sides.

“There is no reason why we can’t go through a budget focused on Arizona’s priorities. Today we can achieve that by working together. To ensure that public education is in place. If I can’t reach the consensus, I’ll vote against the #AZLeg budget. ” He wrote..

Republicans who oppose the budget include Queen Creek Rep. Jake Hoffman. He voted against the Expenditure Commission’s budget package because he said it was not financially responsible to increase spending by about $ 2.2 billion this year.

“I think this budget is hurting our state,” he said. “We are probably in the midst of a sustained recession. There will be serious economic disruption in our state.”

Hoffman fails to budget Republican chairman Regina Cobb and other Republican leaders to win the support of all 31 Republicans in the State Capitol, and instead wins a small number of Democratic votes. He accused him of including provisions aimed at that.

And in the State Senate, Scottsdale Republican Michelle Ugenti Rita said he did not support the increase in state spending.

“It can’t be more financially irresponsible than spending recklessly on a member’s pet project while the Arizonas struggle to keep up with the collapse of inflation,” she says. I wrote on Twitter After the budget was announced late Monday.

In a follow-up tweet, she compared the budget to the Buildback Better Act, which President Joe Biden was unable to pass through Congress, and named it the “Buildback Broke” budget.

“We can’t get out of the looming recession,” Ugentirita said. I have written..

The budget includes new funding for kindergarten to high school education, salary increases for all state staff, increased spending on higher education, and funding to address the shortage of nurses in Arizona. It also includes another bill that will spend $ 335 million on border security, including the construction of border walls.

But legislative Democrats complained about how Republicans chose to use the state’s record budget surplus — which budget analyst. Pegs now close to $ 5.7 billion,from $ 5.3 billion just a few months ago — And begged them to engage in serious bipartisan negotiations.

Phoenix Democrat and minority leader Jennifer Longdon repeatedly called on Cobb and other Republicans to meet with Democratic leaders.

“The right budget is the right compromise. My caucuses haven’t been brought to the table to be part of that compromise,” she said.

Republicans look for individual Democrats who believe they are open to working with them, rather than negotiating with Democratic leaders at either chamber of commerce, and incorporate their priorities into their budgets. I heard your opinion.

Republican Mesa Michelle Udall told Longdon that these conversations had been going on for “more than a month,” and GOP leaders involved Democratic leaders because their demands were unreasonable. Made a united decision to avoid.

Republicans are also hedging the collapse of budget arrangements. In addition to the $ 15.6 billion budget plan, the Commission has also approved a “thin” budget that is sufficient to maintain current spending levels.

Its about $ 12.5 billion package, house panel Rejected in AprilIs intended as a fail-safe to keep government activities in place without spending any $ 5.7 billion in surplus.

“That’s why it’s here,” Cobb told the committee.

*** Update: This story has been updated with additional comments from Senators Gowan and Grantham, along with links to social media posts.

GOP budget plan derails amid fighting between the Senate and House | Desert Times Source link GOP budget plan derails amid fighting between the Senate and House | Desert Times

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