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GOP candidates would cut social programs as cure-all – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2022-06-22 20:10:49 –

Senator Nathan Dahm from the left at the State Capitol on Wednesday. Luke Holland, Chief of Staff of US Senator Jim Inhofe. Former Oklahoma Attorney General and Federal EPA Director Scott Pluit. Speaker of the House of Representatives TW Shannon. (Photo by Janice Francis-Smith)

Oklahoma City-Reducing funding for social programs will help improve inflation, labor problems, and the soul of the country, according to a Republican candidate for the upcoming US Senate seat in Oklahoma. ..

The State Capitol held its annual meeting on Wednesday at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, highlighting this year’s legislative victory and hosting a Republican Senator debate before the Primary on June 28. ..

Senator Nathan Dahm; Luke Holland, Chief of Staff of US Senator Jim Inhofe. Former Oklahoma Attorney General and Federal Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Scott Pluit. Former Speaker of the State, Speaker of the House TW Shannon, participated in the discussion.

US Congressman Markwayne Mullin apologized and did not attend the event. His absence was repeatedly pointed out by Derm.

“Our welfare program has just exploded,” said the Netherlands. “We encourage people not to work now. It’s not only bad for our business, it’s bad for our culture … We need to give incentives to our work as much as possible.”

Candidates agreed that President Joe Biden’s policies were responsible for high inflation, especially the stimulus issued while the COVID-19 pandemic was slowing the economy.

“There are a lot of people who just don’t want to work, and the government makes them possible,” Holland said. “We need to consider all these welfare programs. We need to roll them back so that people don’t actually stay in the doll and not show up on the first day of work. If the Lord wants to offer them such an opportunity. “

“Basically, there are work ethic issues in this country,” Shannon said, adding that the issue of drug addiction caused by illegal immigrants is also hampering the workforce. “Recently, it’s hard to find someone with work ethic.”

Some candidates emphasized illegal immigrants as a threat to security. Advocating the abolition of federal law that recognizes natural citizenship, Mr. Darm will reform immigration policy to allow only individuals with the necessary skillsets for the U.S. workforce, such as health workers, into the country. Said it should be.

Dam also linked the issue of abortion to labor development.

“If we’re talking about workforce development, there are 50-60 million people who may be in the workforce right now, but when their lives are over because of an abortion, we Should stop aborting future generations, “Darm said.

Pruitt advocated that education is the key to developing a stronger workforce and that more attention should be paid to energy costs and supply chain disruptions to curb inflation.

Some candidates have advocated a balanced budget revision to the US Constitution and have expressed concern about federal debt to China.

Candidates had different views on the aid sent to Ukraine. Mr Pruit said Russia is an expansionist and is likely planning to use Ukraine as a gateway to Poland and other countries in the region. China is also watching how the United States responds to the Ukraine crisis, given the relationship between China and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Darm pointed out the aid provided to Ukraine as government spending that needed to be curtailed.

“We can’t continue to borrow from China to send abroad, whether in Ukraine or why they think it’s best,” Darm said. “I grew up in Romania and Eastern Europe. I can tell you that governments across Eastern Europe are completely corrupt. That money does not reach the Ukrainian people.”

Candidates also had different ideas about how to eliminate the uncertainty created by the US Supreme Court ruling. McGart vs. Oklahoma. Mr Pluit said the only solution was for Congress to tackle the problem. Shannon said the solution should start with the state government working with the tribes.

Some candidates agreed that removing the regulatory and tax burdens imposed on businesses, especially in the energy sector, is the key to making the United States competitive nationwide.

“We have removed government weapons from the energy sector, farmers, ranchers and manufacturers,” he said when he led the EPA. This is one type of leadership needed in Washington today.

GOP candidates would cut social programs as cure-all Source link GOP candidates would cut social programs as cure-all

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