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GOP ousts Kansas Senate leader charged with DUI from post | News – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-04-09 21:00:25 –

Topeka, Kansas (AP) — Powerful Kansas charged with drunk driving on Friday after a document was released that Republicans arrested him and cursed a highway patrol soldier who called a police officer a “doughnut boy.” Exiled a member of the Diet.

Senate leader Gene Suellentrop was fired for the first time in at least decades when a colleague of Kansas legislative leaders kicked someone out before his term expired. Wichita Republican Suelentrop was scheduled to become a majority leader until 2024.

Republican senators voted 22-4 to remove Suelentrop at a 50-minute meeting closed to reporters and the general public. Senator Ty Masterson then announced a vote, stating that Republican senators would act as deputy leaders for the majority until late May, electing a new majority leader.

“These are just serious issues,” Masterson, a Republican in another Wichita region, told reporters after the meeting. “It’s a kind of sad day because we’re building a relationship in this room.”

Suelentrop remains in his Wichita district seat. Masterson said it was up to his members to keep Yeagertrop’s seat.

Kansas law limits the reasons for recalls to felony convictions, job misconduct, or “default of duty as required by law.” Members seeking to recall Suelentrop will have to submit a petition signed by more than 3,900 registered voters in his district.

After being arrested in Topeka on March 16, Suelentrop resigned most of his duties as a majority leader after stopping for a reverse run on Interstate 70. He is the second highest leadership job in the Senate, where the majority of leaders decide which proposals to discuss each day.

Asked about his relationship with Suelentrop, Masterson said, “Yes, we are still friends.”

“I made a mistake myself, but probably not at that level,” he said. “Think about it. Make the most shameful decision and put it in the news every night.”

Suelentrop was not available to reporters on Friday and did not attend the Senator’s meeting. He did not respond to his cell phone and did not allow voicemail messages asking for comment.

Suelentrop Faced with 5 counts, Includes felony and drunk driving felony to avoid arrest. Affidavit He was released Thursday by a highway patrol police officer who arrested him, saying that Suelentrop’s blood alcohol level after his arrest was .17, more than double the legal limit of .08.

The call for a vote to remove Suelentrop first came from Topika’s Republican Senator Rick Kloos. He said he had “many conversations” with his colleagues, and the publication of the affidavit was a decisive factor. He was joined by two other Topeka senators, Republicans Kristen O’Shea and Brenda Dietrich.

“We came to the decision today to postpone this long enough, but it’s difficult. We now have more information,” Dietrich said.

Republican Senators kept the door to the regular meeting room closed. Reporters waiting outside could see legislators handing out and collecting pieces of paper that acted as ballots through the glass of the door.

When asked about public discussions earlier in the day, Masterson said, “We had a lot of public discussions.”

Larry Allie, an assistant majority leader representing the southern district of Wichita, will act on behalf of the majority leader, as it has been since mid-March. According to Masterson, the Republican Party will elect a new leader on the final day of this year’s legislative assembly.

Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Austin Sheppley said in his affidavit that Suelentrop refused to undergo a DUI test and was taken to Topika Hospital for a blood test after the judge issued a warrant. .. At some point, he called Sheppley a “doughnut boy,” according to the affidavit, saying the event was “all going in the wrong direction.”

“While the phlebotomist was administering the blood kit, Jean Swellentop’s attitude became slightly aggressive in his tone, but he mentioned that he physically confronted me.” Shepley said. “He looked up and down and said he played state sports competitively in high school. He said,” I can take me. “


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GOP ousts Kansas Senate leader charged with DUI from post | News Source link GOP ousts Kansas Senate leader charged with DUI from post | News

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