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Madison, Wisconsin (AP) —Republicans slammed Governor Tony Evers’ administration and health officials on Thursday about the slow pace of COVID-19 vaccination in Wisconsin. He said the process was a hassle.

The Parliamentary Health Commission held a hearing to learn more about the state’s distribution process. Commission chairman Joe San Felippo tells Lisa Olson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the State Health Service, that she doesn’t know what to say to her members that she is anxious for a blow. I started. He said the DHS’s prediction that vaccination of the general public would not begin until summer is unacceptable.

“The process being carried out seems to be overly bureaucratic and cumbersome,” said San Felippo. “We need to let the public know when we’re going to do this group. This is the day we’re going to do that group. The moment we get the vaccine from the federal government, it goes in and out the next day and is in someone’s arms. There should be. “

Olson didn’t have an answer on how to speed up the distribution. She claimed that the state simply did not receive enough from the federal government. She said it was impossible to plan in advance because the dose was assigned on a weekly basis.

“The fork is moving as fast as possible during the week,” she said. “But I can hear it. We want to move faster.”

So far, 607,650 doses have been assigned to Wisconsin, according to a Thursday update on the DHS website. About 373,000 have been shipped to the state. According to the website, about 176,000 are managed. Olson told the Commission that as of Thursday morning, the number of doses administered was actually about 195,000. About 26,000 of them were the second dose. Both the Pfizer and Moderna versions of the vaccine should be given twice at intervals of several weeks.

About 5.8 million people live in Wisconsin.

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