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Phoenix (AP) — Republican-supported review of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona’s largest county ends Friday without providing evidence to support the false allegations of former President Donald Trump’s stolen election. bottom.

Six months after looking for evidence of fraud, a company hired by a Republican lawmaker issued a report stating that experts were full of mistakes, prejudices, and flawed methodologies. Still, even the Partisan Review came up with a poll that didn’t change the results. Biden was found to have won 360 votes more than the official result certified last year.

This finding was the embarrassing end of a widely criticized and sometimes bizarre quest to prove the allegations that election authorities and courts rejected. It has nothing to do with the final certification result. A previous review by nonpartisan experts in accordance with state law found no significant problems with the number of votes in Maricopa County, the home of Phoenix.

Still, for many critics, the conclusions reached by Cyber ​​Samurai and presented at Friday’s hearing show the dangerous uselessness of the exercises that helped fuel skepticism about the effectiveness of the 2020 elections. Emphasized and produced counterfeit audits nationwide.

“We didn’t learn anything new,” said Matt Masterson, the Trump administration’s top US election security official. “What we have learned from all this is that ninjas are paid millions of dollars, politicians raise millions of dollars, and Americans have low confidence in democracy.”

Other critics have said that the true purpose of the audit may already be successful. Democrat Adrian Fontes, who oversaw the Maricopa County elections office last year, said he had fueled suspicions about the election by spreading complex claims about ballot irregularities and software issues.

“They are trying to scare people to doubt that the system is actually working,” he said. “That’s their motive. They want to destroy public confidence in our system.”

This review was approved by the Republican-controlled State Senate. The Senate summoned election records from Maricopa County and elected an inexperienced Trump-backed auditor. On Friday, Senator Karen Fann sent a letter to Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich urging him to investigate the issues flagged in the report. However, she said the review found that the official numbers matched the ballots.

“This is the most important and encouraging discovery of auditing,” fans write.

Trump issued a statement on Friday falsely claiming that the results were “fraud.”

Despite being widely looted, Arizona’s review is a model that encourages Trump supporters to replicate in other swing states that Biden has won.Pennsylvania’s Democratic Attorney General sued Thursday Block Republican Summons For various election materials. In Wisconsin, a retired conservative state Supreme Court judge is leading a Republican-ordered investigation into the 2020 elections. Intimidation of subpoena election authorities Those who do not obey.

None of the reviews can change Biden’s victory proved by the officials of each Swing State he won and Congress on January 6 — Trump’s fueled by the same false accusation that generated the audit. After the supporters Attack on the US Capitol To try to prevent proof of his loss.

The Arizona report claims that the election process has some shortcomings, suggesting that the final tally is still unreliable. Some were challenged by election experts while members of the Republican-led county supervisory board, which oversees the election, challenged the allegations on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, the report is littered with false and false conclusions about how Maricopa County held the 2020 general election,” county officials tweeted.

Election officials say the review team was prejudiced, ignored the detailed ballot counting procedures of Arizona law, and had no experience in the complex areas of election audits.

Two of the report’s recommendations stood out because they showed that the author misunderstood the election procedure. A paper ballot backup is required and the voting machine should not be connected to the internet. All Maricopa ballots are already paper, the machine is only used to aggregate votes, and those aggregates are not connected to the internet.

The review also matched the names of voters against commercial databases and found that 23,344 people were reported to have moved before the ballot came out in October. Although the review suggests something is wrong, election officials have said that voters such as college students, those who own villas or military personnel, are temporarily voting at their registered addresses. It states that it can be moved to various places.

“A competent critic in the election wouldn’t make such a claim,” said Trey Grayson, a former Republican Secretary of State in Kentucky.

The election review was conducted by Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber ​​Ninjas. His company has never conducted an election audit. Logan previously appeared in a movie asking about the results of the contest during a ballot review, working with lawyers and Trump supporters trying to overturn the 2020 elections.

Logan and others involved in the review announced their findings to two Arizona senators on Friday. It begins with COVID-19 vaccine skeptic Shiva Ayyadurai, who claims to have invented email, and presents an analysis that relies on “pattern recognition” to report anomalies in the way mail ballots are processed at the end of elections. bottom.

Maricopa County tweeted that the pattern was simply an election office in accordance with state law.

“‘Abnormality’ seems to be another way of saying that Senate contractors don’t understand the election process,” the county posted during the testimony.

Logan admitted that “the ballot we provided to count … correlates very accurately with the official canvas.” He then continued to flag statistical discrepancies, including those who moved, and said it was worth further investigation.

This review has a history of exploring and spending time exploring exotic conspiracy theories. Bamboo fiber check Check the ballot to see if it was secretly shipped from Asia. It also acts as a content-generating machine for Trump’s skeptical view of his loss and efforts to send out misleading information that has been circulated since the former president was uncovered. Did.

For example, in July Logan made a series of claims that resulted from a misunderstanding of the election data he was analyzing. This includes recording 74,000 postal ballots as received but not sent. Trump repeatedly amplified his claims. Logan was comparing two databases that track different things..

The Arizona Senate has agreed to spend $ 150,000 on reviews and additional security and facility costs. This is inferior to the approximately $ 5.7 million donated by Trump’s allies as of late July.

Official Maricopa County votes were conducted in front of bipartisan observers, as well as legally required audits to ensure that voting machines function properly. A partial hand count spot check found an exact match.

Two additional post-election reviews by federal-certified election experts also found no evidence that the voting machine switched votes or was connected to the Internet. The county oversight board requested a special review to prove to Trump supporters that there were no problems.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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