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In a rare party vote, about 53,000 Republicans will select candidates for this year’s governor’s election. This is a rare extra-year election that is often considered a preview of midterm elections.

Falls Church, Virginia (AP) — Few places have moved to the Democratic Party as early as Virginia, where Barack Obama ended the party’s 44-year presidential defeat just 12 years ago.

Since then, the Republicans have won the governor’s mansion only once. And in 2020, the state was not considered a battlefield.

With this shift, Virginia Republicans are looking for ways to power, primarily looking to the right. Like the National Republican Party, state Republicans line up behind former President Donald Trump and his barbaric politics. Saturday’s state Republican National Convention will reveal how far they are going.

In a rare party vote, about 53,000 Republicans will select candidates for this year’s governor’s election. This is a rare extra-year election that is often considered a preview of midterm elections. The delegation chooses from the field of candidates, some claiming to be in the Trump pattern, others saying “Trump’s heels”, and outperforming the moderates to lead the party out of the wilderness. Some emphasize that they can.

“The party must take leadership and talk to Virginia families throughout the state,” said former Congressman Eric, who fixed a solid Republican parliamentary delegation until he lost a seat in the Richmond region in 2014. Cantor said. Mr. Trump “did not participate in this race,” so the candidate gave the former president a space to run without necessarily defining himself.

Republicans hold themselves in the fast-growing suburban corridors that stretch from the Washington DC Metro to Richmond, and along the coastline, while increasing turnout among their bases, especially in southwestern Virginia. Win the whole race.

Vital changes and anti-Trump sentiment in northern Virginia and other suburban communities are driving the Democratic shift, making the formula increasingly difficult to work. Trump lost 10 percentage points to President Joe Biden.

Some Republicans quote another warning story. In 2018, the party nominated a conservative hardliner, Corey Stewart, in the Senate. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine coasted to victory with 16 percent points.

“Disaster,” said Republican Ken Cuccinelli, who ran for governor in 2013 and lost to his favorite Democrat Terry McAuliffe in this year’s party nomination. Kutchinelli is the campaign co-chair of businessman Pete Snyder, who is also running for governor. “We want the most conservative candidate to win.”

However, there is no clear consensus among the major Republicans about what it looks like.

State Senator Amanda Chase makes the clearest bet that Trump will provide the best path to victory. She calls herself a “heel trump”, repeating his false declaration that the 2020 elections are fraudulent, and proclaiming that the rebels who attacked the US Capitol are “patriots.”

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Kirk Cox, who was the former Speaker of the House when the Republicans ran the Legislature Building, has fled the old security guards of the Virginia GOP and has already represented the types of suburban voters the Republicans must win. Emphasize that you are and take the opposite measures.

The field also includes two wealthy businessmen, Snyder and Glenn Youngkin. Both are run as conservatives in line with Trump’s policy, and unlike 2016 Trump candidates, they market themselves as “outsiders.” However, they focused directly on their private sector careers and promised to reopen schools that remained closed within COVID-19 pandemics. Some of their allies see chase as too big a risk to take in November, but that’s not what Snyder and Yonkin told Republican voters.

Perhaps the biggest wildcard is the unusual tournament process, which uses hand-aggregated ranked ballots. The major campaigns agree that no one wins the majority of the first-place votes. In other words, nominations are determined by how candidates rank candidates beyond the top choices. Party officials said it could take several days to announce the candidates.

The winner is the first Republican to win the Governor’s Office after Bob McDonnell won 18 points in 2009. This is the margin that predicted the Republican national runaway in the 2010 midterm elections.

Kutchinelli, who worked for the Trump administration, claimed that Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, whose law prohibits him from seeking consecutive terms, gave the Republican a way on issues that had nothing to do with Trump. He said many Virginia schools have not yet allowed face-to-face learning.

“They have opened the door to that challenging demographic for us in the suburbs,” said Kutchinelli. “Mom in the suburbs is hellishly angry.”

Chase agrees that the suburbs are the key on her side. She does not consider herself responsible there and states that she represents such a district currently in the state legislature.

“I happened to catch the hearts of those who are passionate about Donald J. Trump,” Chase said in an interview.

But she also pushes the boundaries with her claim that Trump should, of course, serve the second term. When people assume that Trump is a Virginia albatross, she said, “Usually that person assumes that the elections are fair, and they don’t see what I do.”

Snyder, who founded his own marketing company, and Yongkin, who recently retired as CEO of the Carlyle Group investor, are more cautious. They have joined the Republican national tendency to call for changes in voting procedures, but have not yet declared Biden an illegal president.

The network of key quartet supporters further reflects the evolution of Virginia’s 10-year loss and the split identity of the Nationalist Party during the Trump era.

Cox, with the support of McDonnell and another former governor, George Allen, both managed the success of the suburbs in their races. “I’m from the state’s bluest Republican district,” Cox said in an interview, something he repeats frequently on campaign trails.

Chase has not secured Trump’s support, but is a former general who was convicted but pardoned and has the support of former president’s favorite Michael Flynn. But it’s worth noting that Chase ran her own political consulting firm with founding clients like Canter before becoming a Trumpian provocateur at the State Capitol.

Yongkin is campaigning with Texas Senator Ted Cruz this week with some of the same top advisors who ran the 2016 presidential election for Cruz. The advisers believe that former Trump critic and now ally Cruz has proved Yongkin to the former president’s base without compromising the general election appeal.

Meanwhile, Snyder chose Sarah Sanders as his top external agent. A former Trump White House spokesman is running for Governor of Arkansas with the support of her old boss. Snyder also has Kutchinelli, who took office in the Trump administration and bent the president’s ears. “I will continue to provide the president with information about the race,” said Kutchinelli.

But even with all the fishing, the campaign admits that it is impossible to predict who will raise the Republican flag in the fall with ranked votes.

“It’s hard to know that there are so many new representatives,” Canter said. “But the Republicans want to win.”


Barrow reported from Atlanta.

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